World Of Warcraft’s Shadowlands Expansion is Now the Best Selling PC Game of All Time

A new record.
A new record. Blizzard

It looks like Blizzard has another hit - the Shadowlands for World of Warcraft. According to the developer, as of the first full day of the launch of the expansion, at least 3.7 million units had been sold. This makes it the fastest-selling PC game of all time.

Shadowlands breaks the record held by another Blizzard property. Care to guess what that game is? It’s none other than Diablo 2, which sold at least 3.5 million copies on the first day of release.

New expansion aside, World of Warcraft actually continues to have strong engagement with the community. For example, in the months leading to the release of Shadowlands and the time since launch, World of Warcraft managed to reach the highest number of players on monthly or longer-term subscriptions. The game even sustained those numbers.

Blizzard revealed as well that players actually spent more time in Azeroth, year to date, compared to the same period of any year in the last decade. Plus, the total player time this year to date is almost double that of the same period last year.

About the Expansion

Shadowlands is the eighth expansion of World of Warcraft. This latest addition rolled out on November 23. It offered players the chance to explore the game’s afterlife. The expansion itself is a result of the schemes of Sylvanas Windrunner and the Jailer.

In Shadowlands, players can forge a bond with one of the four ruling Covenants. And in return, they'll get otherworldly powers. Players can even rescue any wrongly tormented souls and enter the Tower of the Damned to get legendary gear.

What to Expect

There’s no doubt that the launch of Shadowlands is merely the start of an adventure unlike any experienced in the game. Lots are coming in the weeks and months ahead. On December 8, Shadowlands Season 1 began and opened the gates to the first raid. The raid is available in both Normal and Heroic difficulties.

Players can also access the Mythic Keystone dungeons. These offer increased challenges but with greater rewards. For this season, the dungeon affix is known as Prideful. It can turn the sense of accomplishment the heroes have against them. Then, there’s the Arenas and Battlegrounds where players can test their skills.

In a statement, Blizzard President J. Allen Brack said it has been indeed exciting to enter this new dimension with players around the world. He added that it has truly been rewarding to be able to see players enjoy the new features and content of this expansion. Brack ended: “there’s much more to come.”

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is available in Base Edition for $39.99. The Heroic Edition, meanwhile, is priced at $59.99. It adds a Shadowlands-level character boost as well as an Ensorcelled Everwyrm mount. It also adds a quest where players can earn a new transmogrification set. Finally, there is the Epic Edition priced at $79.99. This edition adds the Anima Wyrmling pet, Wraithchill cosmetic weapon effect, Eternal Traveler’s Hearthstone, and 30 days of game time.

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