World Of Warcraft Shadowlands Lets Players Forge Legendary Items

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Get a chance to make your own legendary items.
Get a chance to make your own legendary items. Blizzard

The release of the Shadowlands expansion for World of Warcraft is just a few weeks away. Blizzard has been giving out previews of what players can expect in the lead-up to release. The most recent announcement is that in Shadowlands everyone is getting a chance to forge their very own Legendary Items. Hopefully, this should allow players to be able to face what this new world has to offer.

To be able to do this, players need to reach level 60 and then pledge themselves to a Covenant. After this, players should get a quest titled “Prison of the Forgotten,” which starts a chain of events that leads players inside Torghast and has them help the Runecarver recover his forgotten memories.

Once unlocked, the Runecarver can help players forge legendary items that can then be infused with otherworldly powers. To be able to create and customize these items, players need to look for a wide range of components.

Legendary gear pieces are composed of:

  • A Shadowlands crafted legendary base item
  • Two Missives
  • Soul Ash
  • A Memory of the Runecarver

Here’s how it’s going to actually work. Everyone starts with a rather specific base piece of armor or jewelry. Characters that have Tailoring, Leatherworking, Blacksmithing, or Jewelcrafting professions are granted the recipe to create base pieces as part of the storyline with the Runecarver. In addition to being crafted by players, the pieces can be traded or bought from the Auction House. Every time a crafter makes a base piece, they earn experience, and this means over time they should be able to create base pieces with higher item levels. There’s a total of four levels available for each recipe.

Missives, meanwhile, can be created by players that have the Inscription profession. They can also be traded or sold at the Auction House. These items are used to empower the Legendary item with two different secondary stats of the player’s choosing.

Soul Ash, on the other hand, is given as a reward when vanquishing Torghast's unhallowed halls. Each week, two wings are made available for players to enter. Be sure to complete these trials.

Finally, there are the Memories of the Runecarver, which are known Powers. These can be collected by completing different content that includes raiding, Mythic Keystone dungeons, and even player vs. player activities.

So what do you think? Does this make Shadowlands even more exciting?

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