World of Warcraft MDI Season 1 Global Finals Starts April 23

Who's taking home the crown?
Who's taking home the crown? Blizzard

World of Warcraft announced that the Global Finals for the Mythic Dungeon International Season 1 is all set from April 23 to 25. Eight teams will fight for the MDI Global Champion title and a large share of the $300,000 prize pool.

The MDI is a global program by WoW where the world’s best Mythic dungeon teams take part in a race to the finish line. The entire event is going to be streamed on the game’s official YouTube channel.

For Season 1, at least 200 teams have gone through the time trials and three cups. So far, five teams have secured their spots for the Global Finals and these are:

  • Echo
  • Perplexed
  • PI Me
  • Obey Alliance
  • Does Gargoyle Stream?

The remaining spot is currently being fought over by five other teams.

Once the six teams are finalized, they are joined by two teams from China for the Global Finals. There’s no question that this is going to be another exciting Global Finals.

Update 9.0.5

Making the competition even more exciting is it will take place on Update 9.0.5. This particular update was released last week and focused mainly on improving many of the game’s systems as well as rewards. It also introduced Covenant and Legendary tuning.

One big change is that Valor Points can now be earned in Mythic Keystone dungeons. Previously, it was only available in Heroic dungeons. That’s not all as Valor can now be used by players to upgrade their new Mythic Keystone gear rewards. The weekly earnable Valor cap starts at 5,000 and increases by 750 Valor each week.

Here are some rewards that arrived with the new update:

  • Finishing a Mythic Keystone dungeon after the timer has ended now rewards a second item. The item level of the second item is going to be slightly lower.
    • For example, completing a Mythic 7 Keystone dungeon, but not completing the timer now rewards the party with a 200 iLvl item and a 197 iLvl item.
  • ​The Great Vault raid loot requirement is now defeat 3/6/9 raid bosses from 3/7/10.

See all the changes that arrived with Update 9.0.5 here.

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