World War 3 March 30 Patch: FUBAR Game Mode, Two New Maps, Three New Weapons, and More

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Fans of World War 3, the game not the war, obviously, will be glad to know about all the latest content. The March 30 update is now live and it brings new stuff including a brand-new mode called FUBAR.

Two new maps, namely, Tokyo and Shibuya, are added as well. The former is playable in Tactical Ops and FUBAR, and the latter in TDM and Domination. Two assault rifles and one rocket launcher are introduced along with a neutral vehicle for FUBAR mode. Domination mode is now in permanent rotation, and a Japanese voice-over for Takeo is added as well.

The highlights of the update are mentioned below.

  • Added a new game mode: FUBAR.
  • Added two new maps: Tokyo (Tactical Ops/FUBAR) and Shibuya (Team Deathmatch/Domination).
  • Added three new weapons: TYPE-89 (Assault Rifle), QBZ-191 (Assault Rifle), and PF3 (Rocket Launcher).
  • Added three new strikes: TYPE-X (Main Battle Tank), Type XVI (Tank Destroyer), and Bumblebee (Drone).
  • Added neutral vehicle: Trucks (FUBAR).
  • Domination Mode is now in permanent rotation.
  • Added new Achievements and Challenges.
  • New content added to the Shop and Operation Sunstorm Battle Pass.
  • Added Japanese voiceover: Takeo.
  • Added the Revive System (available in FUBAR matches), allowing players to revive their downed and critically wounded teammates.
    • Downed players will bleed out for 30 seconds, during which time they can be revived by a teammate.
    • Players can move around while down, but doing so doubles the speed at which they bleed out.
    • Downed players can initially freely look around and mark points of interest, including enemies, for their teammates to spot by pressing the MARK key.
    • Downed players can be immobilized by dealing further damage to them. After this stage, they can only slightly move their camera and mark points of interest.
    • Downed players are marked by a unique Revive icon, visible only to teammates up to 30 meters away. This icon also shows how much time is left before the downed player bleeds out.
    • Downed players can see a list of nearby players who can revive them up to 50 meters away.
    • Players can ping downed teammates by aiming at them and pressing the MARK key to indicate to the downed player that help is en route.
    • Alternatively, downed players can return to the Deploy Screen without waiting a full 30 seconds to bleed out. Press and hold the USE key to return to the kill screen, where players can then return to the Deploy Screen.
    • Reviving a player does not pause the bleed-out timer. However, if the bleed-out timer runs out mid-revive, the downed player does not die.
    • Players can still be instantly killed by explosions, headshots, vehicles, fall damage, environmental damage (e.g. fire), fatal melee attacks, and the M200.

The update also features changes for animation, design, hub, and more. You can read about them in great detail via the official site. Players can purchase World War 3 on Steam for only $12.99.

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