Stranded: Alien Dawn Sow and Sell Update Live; Patch Notes Here

Be ready for new challenges.
Be ready for new challenges. Frontier Foundry

Stranded: Alien Dawn, the survival sim game by Haemimont Games, received a major update today. The Sow and Sell update is finally here and it brings a plethora of content, and the good news is, it’s completely free for all players.

The update features a completely new campaign scenario called Trading Outpost. Players will also meet a new survivor named Vicente Santiago, a farmer with special Haggling skills. Five new Steam achievements are available as well. The highlights of the update are mentioned below.

Key New Features/Content
  • New Trading outpost scenario - Build a successful business and reach the ultimate goal: become the owner of the planet
  • Hire workers - Hired help is the only way to expand your roster in the new scenario!
  • Trading - Use the trading pod to buy and sell resources and more, from trading with ships passing by the planet's orbit during the new scenario
  • Earn and spend your Galacticoins – The most complex yet stable currency in the known universe
  • Discover new plants, recipes and technologies - These will provide even more ways to help your survivors survive and thrive!
  • Meet a new survivor - Vicente Santiago, an avid farmer with unique Haggling skills
  • 5 New Steam Achievements - Can you unlock them all?
Trading Outpost Scenario
  • The trading pod allows you to post job offers for new workers, contact trading ships, and transport goods or workers to/from the planet
  • Central to the Trading Outpost scenario, Galacticoins are used to buy from traders, hire new workers and ultimately purchase the Planetary Ownership
  • As aspirational farmers, the founders of the outpost possess some knowledge of farming, enabling some known crops to be planted right away
  • Traders will contact your outpost periodically through notifications to sell their goods, technologies and crops, while also buying what they need themselves
  • Research and crafting unique to this scenario:
    • Trade Goods can be crafted from various materials at a Workbench, and while they ultimately can't be consumed by your survivors, they can be sold at a higher price when trading than raw resources
    • Counterfeit money is a new breakthrough allowing you to print Galacticoins on 3D printers
    • Research Safes to unlock a new storage device that stores only Galacticoins and protect them from attacks and theft
  • New character traits: Farm owner, Hired worker
  • Unique happiness pleasures and troubles specific to owners and workers
  • Unique meltdown for workers: Stealing
  • Unique events that can result in more people joining your group

You can read about all the other changes and bug fixes via Steam. Stranded: Alien Dawn can also be purchased from there for only $29.99.

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