WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition Patch 1.0.8o Now in Public Beta, Introduces Wolf Customization Randomizer

WolfQuest Anniversary Edition
WolfQuest Anniversary Edition Steam

The latest update for WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition is now in public beta. Patch 1.0.8o brought a lot of new things, most notably the randomizer feature in Wolf Customization.

The Randomizer is a feature that lets you create a wolf with random characteristics. All you have to do is click the dice button and it generates a random, playable wolf. Everything is randomized, including the wolf’s coat, eye, tail, and other body customizations. Even its attributes and personality are chosen at random. This is a really good feature, especially if you find yourself wasting too much time on the customization screen.

Patch 1.0.8o adds some other improvements as well. For one, there’s a new button that lets you hide scent post markers on the World Map, if your wolf has such a perk. Furthermore, optimizations to make the GPU perform better are implemented. The performance improvement is most evident in Enhanced Sky and Vegetation mode, as well as for users of older GPUs.

The other changes in this update can be found below:

  • Revised tutorial tips to be less intrusive and more responsive to player actions.
  • Added Skip button on quest intro panels to skip the subsequent How to Play panel.
  • When starting an Establish Territory quest, rival packs will spend a bit more time strengthening their own hexes before claiming new ones.
  • Keyboard "Enter" key will now close Mate, Den, and Rendezvous Site naming popups.
  • Increased ambient light level a bit to reduce the darkness of unlit sides of objects.
  • Refactored some multiplayer code (should have no noticeable effects in gameplay).
  • In Multiplayer games, sometimes the wrong wolf bio shows in the Pack Info panel.
  • Sometimes dens don't lose snow cover when going from early Spring (Find a Den quest) to later Spring (Raise Pups quest)
  • Some animals leave wide stance snow prints.
  • Fall and winter elk calves snap to their feet for a moment if they are prone when killed.
  • Lower dead branches on lodgepole pines wiggle too much in the wind.
  • Some icons in Wolf Customization don't have rounded corners.
  • Fur is rendered on Family Tree wolves when fur is disabled.
  • Wolf creation's name input field shows controller placeholder text when highlighted without a controller.
  • Once a wolf becomes an elder wolf, if you go into the wolf carousel in the main menu and modify a different wolf that was created as an ironwolf, then modify and save your elder wolf, that wolf loses its elder status and won't be marked as dead when it dies.
  • In Lost River Classic, the camera jitters when underneath the fire tower.
  • In the multiplayer lobby game preview panel, "Starting season" shows for Slough Creek Story mode games, but should not.
  • When fur is disabled, wolf coat tint is not applied to wolves inside the den.

WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition Patch 1.0.8o is available on PC.

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