WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition New Injury System Added in Beta Patch 1.0.8l

New Injury System
New Injury System Twitter/@WolfQuestGame

WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition has a brand new beta update that adds the injury system. Other new features have also been introduced in Beta Patch 1.0.8l.

New Injury System

WolfQuest developers really want you to experience what wolves normally go through in the wild. That’s why a new injury system has been added for realism.

There are two types of injuries: minor and major. When you take damage from NPCs, you’ll first suffer from minor injuries. You’ll only get a major injury if your health is below 60% and if you’ve already sustained a minor injury. So, how do injuries impact the gameplay?

Minor injuries reduce a single attribute (speed, strength, or stamina) by one, and may last for a couple of days. Major injuries, on the other hand, not only reduce a single attribute by seven but also have an extra effect depending on the injured body part. For example, a major leg injury would drain your stamina faster when sprinting. Furthermore, major injuries can last up to four days but they heal faster when your health is high.

New Dens

Beta Patch 1.0.8l introduces three new dens as well, which can be found under the tree roots on the central and eastern sides of Slough Creek.

Patch Highlights

  • In multiplayer, you can choose an initial season when starting a new Territory Quest or Pack Life game in Amethyst or Slough Creek
  • "Favorite" toggle on My Wolves, and filtering option to show only Favorites
  • Modified the spin around actions so if an NPC animal is fleeing, it must first decelerate before spinning around. (This is intended to help the "turn on a dime spin around" issue when attacking fleeing animals
  • Boar grizzly roars at the start of a charging attack
  • Most major body customizations (like ears) are visible in the scent view
  • Wolf now has its own barks, none shared with coyotes
  • Added a delay before mate regurgitates after sleeping
  • Amethyst cliff rocks now have a nice blending between mesh and terrain
  • Increased maximum food points on moose carcasses
  • Added scent gland mark on wolf tails
  • Autosave icon now respects Hide HUD
  • Bigger the teeth of wolves, the better to eat you with
  • Options menu doesn't stay open on newborn pups screen
  • On Load Game and Saved Game panels, multi-select deletion doesn't work
  • Activating Photo Mode just as a quest is completed will freeze the game
  • Controller not detected if it's active before launching the game
  • Controller not detected if plugged in while game scene is loading
  • Beaver scent trails don't get cleared during season transitions, so they can be very very old

WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition Beta Patch 1.0.8l is available on PC.

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