WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition Patch 1.0.8g Adds New Volume Sliders for Howls

WolfQuest Anniversary Edition
WolfQuest Anniversary Edition Steam

Patch 1.0.8g is now available for WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition. This update brings major improvements and bug fixes, like a new feature where lost pups will now sometimes howl back at you, with an icon that appears on the compass briefly to help you find them.

Another significant improvement is the addition of new volume sliders in the settings menu that allows you to adjust the sounds of nearby howls and animals.

Also, Mates are now more attentive to finding food if they’re moderately hungry. Moose will get tired more quickly now when fleeing, making it easier for you to catch up to them for the kill.

For other improvements, the ambient occlusion during rain, snow, and nighttime has been increased for better realism. A special alert has also been added if the game cannot sync files to the server correctly because you are not logged into your OneDrive account.

Patch Highlights

  • Added Regenerate Family Snapshot button to Pack Info during the Journey to Slough Creek quest, in case player changes their mate's name
  • "Hanging Out with the Pups" music now plays sometimes when at the den
  • On the Account panel, added a new toggle to hide your email address (for streamers)
  • Volume in Audio Settings has a more useful dropoff curve now (might need readjusting depending on your custom settings)
  • Low FPS Alert should be more reliable now, much less likely to be triggered when FPS is good
  • Achievements layout adjusts better at lower resolutions
  • Late summer mule deer fawns do a bit more damage when kicking
  • Elk weave back and forth less when being chased
  • Game progress stalls if the host dies while Name Rendezvous Site or similar panels are displayed
  • Sometimes notification incorrectly says that the host has disconnected
  • Problems ensue if a client disconnects before getting spawned into the game
  • Some alerts like Revive don't respect the Hide HUD setting
  • Wolf bodies can get wonky if you enable Photo Mode and then orbit the camera around.
  • Mate sometimes moves too fast in water when chasing prey
  • Bull ungulates can spam-attack wolves, doing excessive damage
  • Mate can get stuck holding pup on some topography
  • After a certain sequence of events in multiplayer games, a player can get the wolf of another player in their carousel

WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition Patch 1.0.8g is now available on PC.

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