WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition Public Beta Patch 1.0.8c Now Available

WolfQuest Anniversary Edition
WolfQuest Anniversary Edition Steam

WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition is an ecological simulation where you get to experience what a wolf would naturally do in the wild. A new public beta patch is available that incorporates several smaller patches - bringing improvements and some needed bug fixes to the game.


Have you ever encountered a situation where you’ve exited the wolf modifying screen by accident? Well, this is less likely to happen now as a confirmation message will pop up when you leave the wolf creation panel with unsaved changes.

Another major improvement is that the howling time required for you to place a carcass marker is reduced. This is to avoid the problem of placing markers when using wolves with long howls if you did not let the howl animation finish.

Anyway, a new column in the multiplayer lobby is now available that tells you if the room is a private game or not.

Patch Highlights

  • Adjusted how NPC wolf personalities are created, so fewer will have "average" personalities in the middle of the ranges
  • More ravens now circle above carcasses
  • Stranger wolves now tuck their tails when fleeing after losing a fight
Bugs Fixed
  • Sometimes mate doesn't return to the player after a hunting excursion
  • Stranger wolves do not always howl after chasing the player out of their territory
  • Wolf pup carcass does not glow in scent view
  • If number keys are remapped by the player, then the multiplayer input keys can trigger other actions
BETA 2 and BETA 3
Bugs Fixed
  • Beaver constructions and a few other objects are pink
  • Some audio is muted for some players
  • In Wolf Customization, the current coat is not always indicated correctly
  • Beaver dens don't play nicely with the water
  • Private games can't be joined
  • Improvements to mate hunting behavior
Bugs Fixed
  • NPC wolves lost their mojo
  • In Wolf Customization, some issues with saving changes
  • In the main menu, the wolf carousel gets off-center in certain situations

If you want to test this beta patch out, head to your Steam library, right-click on WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition, and then choose Properties.

From there, go to “Betas” and select the current beta option in the drop-down menu. After that, Steam will automatically download the update.

WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition public beta Patch 1.0.8c is available on PC.

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