WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition Features Deep Snow Improvements in Beta Patch v1.0.8p

Beta Patch v1.0.8p
Beta Patch v1.0.8p Twitter/@WolfQuestGame

It seems that the winter season has come in the ecological simulation WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition. Beta Patch v1.0.8p brings deep snow improvements and a new graphics setting that may help enhance your gameplay experience, especially if you’re using a high-end GPU.

As soon as you start a new game in WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition, heavy snow will start falling immediately. You’ll also find that the snow accumulates slightly faster now and that its melting rate is a tad slower than before. The latter change was to help the deep snow last longer.

In addition, animals in the game will now leave tracks when traversing on the snowy ground, making it easier for you to know where they’re headed. The deep snow affects animal speed and stamina drain as well. Most animals can also stumble often when being chased through the deep snow, except for Elks.

Another feature that was added in this update is the “Stupendous” graphics quality. This setting allows you to adjust how far grass is rendered, increase shadow distance, and more. This feature helps unlock the full potential of the latest GPUs on the market.

Patch Notes

  • Improvements
    • Various refinements to snow tracks at low levels of accumulation.
    • Prevent deep snow from accumulating in water bodies -- done for Lamar River in Amethyst, will be fixed in Slough Creek soon.
    • Carcasses and meat chunks adjust their position better when the snow has been cleared underneath them.
    • Removed the old snowprint texture from all animals (never looked that good, now conflicts with new tracks).
  • Bugs Fixed
    • Family Tree panel layout is totally busted.
    • In the multiplayer lobby, available rooms disappear when a new game is added.
    • Sometimes ground and airborne scents are not rendered in multiplayer games.
    • In non-winter seasons, animals get the speed and stamina effects of deep snow even though there isn't any deep snow.
  • Improvements
    • Chat Commands popup window can be closed even while chat text input field is active.
    • Reduced odds of elk stumbling in deep snow.
    • Added example for /whisper chat command.
    • Improvements to wolf gait sound effect in snow
  • Bugs Fixed
    • When deep snow is present, Slough Creek dens are down in square holes in the snow.
    • Wolf in Family Tree has blurry nose or body.
  • New
    • Distance Blur visual effect, enabled by default on Glorious and Stupendous graphics quality levels, blurs the distant landscape.
  • New in Multiplayer
    • Host Transfer allows the host to hand off the game to another player, who then becomes the host. On Pack Info, the host can click the "Transfer Hosting" button and choose a client player to transfer the game to. If that player accepts the transfer, the game will then reload for all players, with the new host in charge.

The full patch notes can be found here.

WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition is available on PC.

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