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Wolcen Bloodstorm
Wolcen Bloodstorm Steam

Wolcen Bloodstorm, also known as Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, received a major content update today. The update adds four completely new environments: Aberrant Bluffs, Aberrant Halls of Adrastis, Infested Adrigion Woodlands, and Infested Primordial Catalyst. You can play these environments in Endgame expeditions. A total of 13 new environment variants of existing maps are added as well.

Pets received a major function change. From now on, they will collect gold dropping for you from various sources like monsters, chests, and destructible environments. Thirty new difficulty levels are added to the Sovereign Tier, which now makes Champion of Stormfall Expedition playable up to level 217. The update also included a new armor called the Neovivex Armour to the Champion of Stormfall projects. Several other changes have been made, including balancing tweaks to several attacks. You can read about them in great detail below.


We also added 13 new environment variants:

  • Adrigion Mud Pits
  • Autumnal Marshes
  • Blood-curdling Swamp
  • Bloodweed Battlegrounds
  • Emerald Halls
  • Halcyon Halls
  • Midsummer Haze
  • Polluted Plateau
  • Primaveral Mists
  • Shivering Wastes
  • The Stagnant Graves
  • Waylaying Plains
  • Windstruck Quagmire

Damage Type Modifiers

All Damage Type conversions can now be selected for free, therefore, their damage increase has been removed. The three Modifier points they used to cost can now be attributed to other Modifiers:

  • Added an Aether Modifier to Avenger’s Autoturret.
  • Added a Lightning Modifier to Blood for Blood.
  • Added a Lightning Modifier to Bullseye.
  • Added a Rend Modifier to Evasion.
  • Added a Fire Modifier to Havoc Orb.
  • Added a Sacred Modifier to Warpath.
  • Added a Shadow Modifier to Wings of Ishmir.

Champion of Stormfall

  • Mirrormaid Ship Building: All projects related to armor skin acquisition have been increased in cost and production.

Dodge Roll

  • The dodge roll now goes through enemies by default.
  • The Gate of Fates node “Slipping Shadow” now becomes “Evasion Velocity" that grants a 50% movement speed increase for 1.5 seconds after performing a dodge roll.

VFX Updates

  • Improved Skills VFX for Annihilation, Anomaly, Mark of Impurity, and Tear of Etheliel
  • Annihilation
  • Anomaly
  • Mark of Impurity
  • Tear of Etheliel
  • Improved Monsters VFX for Fireblood Beta Spitter, Fury Spirits, and Lost Souls
  • Fireblood Beta Spitter
  • Fury Spirits
  • Lost souls

Monster Animations and Retakes

  • Adding a new Underling: The Purifier Warhound
  • Improved animations for Underlings
  • Caves Omega Female Svriir
  • Fireblood Omega Female Svriir
  • Omega Female Svriir
  • Sea Omega Female Svriir
  • Improved animations for Lieutenants: Alastor, Flayer Warmaster, and Justicar of the Republic
  • Alastor
  • Flayer Warmaster
  • Justicar of the Republic



  • Base damage increased by 25%.

Anvil’s Woe:

  • Base damage increased by 12%.

Artic Spear:

  • Damage of the skill reduced up to -12% at max level.
  • Comet Ballista: Bonus damage reduced from +75% to +50%.
  • Sublime Fracture: Malus damage increased from -20% to -30%.


  • Base damage increased by 12.5%.
  • Unrelenting Strikes: Wave damage increased by 25%

Bleeding Edge:

  • Base damage increased by 12.5%.


  • Unseen Thrills: Bonus damage reduced from 20% to 15%.

Gunslinger’s Brand:

  • Base damage increased by 33%.

Havoc Orb:

  • Base damage reduced by 16%.

Mark of Impurity:

  • Accursed Blade: Reduce the number of stacks inflicted from 10 to 5.

Slayer Flurry:

  • Base damage increased by 15%.
  • Fullered Blades: Increase the speed bonus given to the dash by 150%.

Stings of Krearion:

  • Base damage increased by 14%.

Talon Shot:

  • Base damage increased by 15%.

Wailing Arrows:

  • Base damage increased by 12.5%.
  • Serrated Arrows: slow potency increased from 20% to 30%.

Wrath of Bäapheth :

  • Increase damage by 8%.

For bug fixes, read the full patch notes on Steam.

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