Wolcen: Lords Of Mayhem Patch Notes: 29 Skills Tweaked, Optimization Improved

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Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem's next major update is now live, and boy is it a big one. Wolcen didn’t exactly receive the most positive reception at release, but since then developers have been releasing update after update to improve the overall quality of the game, while also adding new content.

Unfortunately, that hasn’t been enough. Even after dozens of updates, the game is still plagued with several bugs and an overall lack of polish. That’s why the dev team has decided to focus more on improving the state of the game. No new content was added to the game via this update, however, it did bring countless bug fixes and other changes.

The update improved the game’s performance and brought balancing changes to over 29 skills. Some of the changes made in the update are mentioned below, and you can read the complete patch notes from the official site.

Update Patch Notes


  • Greatly improved overall client performance under heavy gameplay situations.
  • Rebalanced 29 skills (details further)
  • Added a new game settings entry to toggle the blood decals placement optimization.
  • Game session invitations could collide with starting a solo game session, getting the player stuck in a game loading loop. It should no longer happen.
  • Players will now be able to start a public game even after changing the difficulty setting to "Story mode".
  • Updated localization for French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Polish, Hungarian, Korean, and Spanish with the latest changes.
  • Fixed a lot of bugs!


  • The amount of experience required to reach level 90 has been drastically reduced.
  • Players must now hold the revive key (instead of pressing it once) in order to heal themselves, as initially designed.
  • The archivist now sells 14 enneracts instead of 15.
  • The post-credits dialog box should now be properly displayed after finishing the campaign for all players, including the party leader.
  • Fixed an issue allowing the player character to exit the game area bounds during the introduction quest.
  • The player summons will no longer spawn through the floor during the Chapter II boss fight.
  • Players can now properly teleport to their friends’ characters by clicking on their portrait.
  • The introduction armor should no longer be replaced by character cosmetics when starting the campaign with a character wearing them.
  • Players should no longer have issues reaching a secondary area when joining a game with an expedition that already started.
  • Fixed an issue preventing players to join a group when accepting an invitation from the Character Selection menu.
  • Curse stacks will now properly increase damage output against enemies that do not have damage resistance.
  • Fixed an issue causing the 2H-weapon auto-dash skill to sometimes cast another attack right after.
  • "Hauntstones" will now properly scale with the gameplay area level instead of scaling with the player character level.
  • Fixed an issue allowing the player to dodge roll at the end of the channeling to revive during the downstate when holding the spacebar keybind.
  • Fixed an issue causing the selling price of stacked Reagents to be the same regardless of the number of items in the stack.
  • Fixed an issue in the health bonus computation given by the unique item "Smile of the Searing Song", which was providing a higher health bonus than initially intended.
  • Fixed an issue allowing any rage based skill with a 'shadow' damage modifier to become free when the unique leggings 'Veiled Eclipse' are equipped.
  • Fixed an issue causing the skill equipped on the right mouse button to be reset to level 1 after completing the introduction quest with a character directly created in Champion of Stormfall mode.
  • Fixed an issue allowing player characters to use previously equipped skills during the introduction quest, if the character was first used in Champion of Stormfall mode.

Active Skills

  • Fixed an issue with the "range" value displayed in some skills modifier tooltips, which showed the total skill range instead of the range added by the modifier (ex: the ASM "Stunning Reach" for the "Evasion" skill).
  • Permanent skills launched using an Aspect of Apocalypse (such as the "Hammer of Aurora") are now properly removed when the Aspect is dropped.
  • Added damage computation in Juggernaut's skill tooltip.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the modifier "Shifting along the walls" for the "Duskshroud" skill to trigger player's force shield regeneration as stated.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the "Corruption's bloat" modifier for the "Plagueburst" skill to increase explosion damage as it should when friendly summons died in the area.
  • Fixed an issue with the 'Mark of Impurity' tooltip description that stated it was inflicting a "number of curse ailment stacks" on the enemies but it does not by default.
  • Fixed a tooltip issue regarding the rage generation per second for several active skills.
  • The internal logic multipliers computation formula of skills with secondary hits has been changed. This improves how certain skills will scale with damage modifiers provided by Active Skill Modifiers.
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