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Another update for Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is here, and it is massive. The update, numbered, was released today and it changed several aspects of the game, including gameplay, items, UI, and much more. Wolcen isn’t exactly the most critically acclaimed game, however, it is improving. Developer WOLCEN Studio has released several game-changing updates to improve the dungeon crawler. The list of all the patches is mentioned here.

You can read a few highlights from the Wolcen patch below, and the complete patch notes are mentioned on the official site.

Wolcen Update Patch Notes


  • Chapter III Boss: Improved the indicators for the fire projectiles so that they better fit the actual size of the explosion.
  • Chapter III Boss: Fixed to the fire projectiles sometimes not exploding when colliding with the ground.
  • Fixed an issue preventing damage type conversion to work on default attacks. This affected the following nodes in the Gate of Fates: "Primal Power"(Warmonger), "Blood Reaper"(Warmonger), "Blessing of the Jade Legion"(Assassin), "Initial Spark"(Child of Fury) and "Conflagration"(Child of Fury).
  • Fixed the amount of delayed damage dealt through the Gate of Fates node "Which Time Cannot Heal"(Timeweaver) not being exactly 100% of the original damage.
  • Fixed the Gate of Fates node "Virtuose Stance"(Arms Maester) having a chance to double any damage instead of being limited to default attacks as stated in its description.
  • Changed the Gate of Fates node “Purifier's Will” description to match its behavior in-game.
  • Changed the Gate of Fates node “Life's First Movement” description to match its behavior in-game.


  • Mournfall Treads: The boots correctly slow down nearby enemies instead of increasing their movement speed.
  • Shadowcall: The ring now correctly spreads the status ailments of the target to its surrounding allies as it should.
  • Shimmering Shadows: the shield will now properly apply Curse stacks upon dashing to a target.
  • Veiled Eclipse: Fixed a bug where shadow-type spells would not have any cast cost when equipping the "Veiled Eclipse" Unique item.
  • Zapstick: The staff is now properly converting Burn and Freeze chance into Shock chance instead of taking into consideration Shock Chance.
  • Zapstick: Changed an affix translation to better match its behavior in-game.
  • "Frost Damage into Life Leech" has been changed into "Life Leech from Frost Damage" for consistency.
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