The Witcher 3's ProCiri Mod Allows You To Play Full Game As Ciri

Witcher 3 ProCiri Mod
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If you have played The Witcher 3 (which of course by now you should have), then you know that the only playable character is Geralt of Rivia, and in certain points, you get to play as Ciri and get a shot a trying her unique powers and abilities.

Just like me, you must have wondered if there was a way to play the entire game as Ciri, using her magical powers. Although some mods have been created in the past that allow players to play The Witcher 3 as Ciri, the mods ended up breaking the game at some point.

Recently, a new mod was uploaded to Nexus Mods that allows players to play as Ciri with all her abilities and powers, without breaking the game. The Witcher 3 ProCiri mod tweaks the mechanics and introduces some rebalances that prevent certain battles from breaking, such as enemy levels scaling up to 100.

The mod has also overhauled the stamina, which now works as Magic Energy, and the health regeneration doesn't seem too overpowered. There is also an all-powerful mode, which makes Ciri very powerful for a short amount of time.

Now, who is this mod for? If you always wanted to roam the beautiful landscapes of The Witcher 3 as Ciri, but do not find her overpowered abilities interesting, this mod is for you.

Even if you want to play the entire game as Ciri, this mod rebalances the character and her ability to work correctly in specific situations. Ciri is now at level 100 and all enemies will scale as she levels up.

The Witcher 3 on PC can be modded with several glorious mods that completely overhaul the game in terms of graphical fidelity, character customization, gameplay changes, and much more. If you're interested in checking out some of these amazing mods, head over Nexus Mods now.

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