This Witcher 3 Mod Changes Geralt's Face To Henry Cavill's

Witcher 3 Henry Cavill Face Mod
Witcher 3 Henry Cavill Face Mod Nexus Mods

Witcher 3 on PC has seen tremendous overhauls and other crazy content thanks to the modding community. From higher-resolution texture packs to custom weather mods, it is easy to keep the five year old game looking as good as a modern release. Recently, The Witcher TV series made its way to Netflix, in which Henry Cavill plays the role of Geralt phenomenally well. Many gamers have wondered if they could have the Henry Cavill version of Geralt in the game, too. Well, this new mod makes the idea a reality.

Many mods help you achieve the cosmetic overhaul, and you can find them on Nexus Mods. Our favorite Henry Cavill face mod is the Game Lore Henry Cavill Retexture by Shadowphonic. You can make it even more realistic by downloading Shadowphonic's hairstyle, sword, and armor mods as seen in the Netflix series.

The texturing, in our opinion, looks a bit pale and we're sure that the modders will work on it to make it look a bit more realistic. Of course, if you are coming to play the Witcher 3 after watching the Netflix series, you'll greatly enjoy this mod.

However, if you haven't played the Witcher 3 yet, we recommend that you give it a shot. The game has won over 1,000 awards and has been rated as a masterpiece by many reviewers. Witcher 3 puts you in a vast open world where Geralt has to take on quests, kill monsters, and find Ciri, who has gone missing.

While we are still on the topic of mods, we recommend that you check out the following mods as well, as they help make the overall experience more enjoyable:

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