Witch on the Holy Night: Western Release on PS4 and Nintendo Switch This December 8

Aniplex, Inc., will be handling the English release.
Witch on the Holy Night will see a Western release this December 8 for PS4 and Switch.
Witch on the Holy Night will see a Western release this December 8 for PS4 and Switch. Type-Moon

For the first time since its initial release in Japan in 2012, Aniplex is bringing the visual novel Witch on the Holy Night to Western audiences on December 8, 2022, via PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The visual novel is one of the most notable side works of Type-Moon, best known for its genre-defining work on the Fate media franchise.

Here’s a snippet from a press release by Aniplex:

Since the overwhelming success of Fate/Grand Order (released in America in 2017), interest in TYPE-MOON's unique approach to storytelling and the visual novel format has skyrocketed, creating a tremendous demand for the works of TYPE-MOON's most famous creative mind, Kinoko Nasu (Fate/stay night, Tsukihime, Fate/Grand Order). Now, in answer to that incredible demand from fans of TYPE-MOON properties, WITCH ON THE HOLY NIGHT will receive a fully voiced remaster on both Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

Witch on the Holy Night is set in 1980s Japan and tells the story of Type-Moon fan-favorite Aoko Aozaki. In the visual novel, she attempts to navigate the complex world of magecraft while balancing her everyday struggles as a high school student. The re-release is also an HD remaster with significant changes from its original 2012 PC version. It will also include new, fully-voiced dialogues from a cast of Japanese voice actors. Another bonus is the addition of two side stories which players can enjoy separately from the main story.

Witch on the Holy Night is notable for not only sharing the origins of Aoko Aozaki but also for going against the grain of other Type-Moon visual novels. Compared to other works in its portfolio, Witch on the Holy Night is not an eroge (adult game) and features Hirokazu Koyama as the lead artist in place of studio regular Takashi Takeuchi.

The success of Fate and its many spin-offs drew a lot of positive responses toward other works in the Type-Moon library, with Witch on the Holy Night only one of the latest. The visual novel will also finally see its first anime adaptation next year to be produced by Ufotable, best known for its work on Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and various adaptations of Fate.

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