The Winds of Change Have Arrived in Europa Universalis IV

Change has arrived. Paradox Interactive

More than a dozen nations are getting makeovers in the latest expansion pack for Europa Universalis IV. The Winds of Change introduces new historical content for different nations. There's also expanded and branching mission trees along with unique government reforms, to name a few.

Here are the main features of what players can look forward to with the new expansion pack:

  • Aztec Empire
    • New "Tonalli" mechanic encourages warfare and sacrifices.
    • Pursue the goal of centralizing the loose empire of vassals.
    • New government reforms including chinampa farming.
  • Mayan Nations
    • Build a united confederation of Mayan nations.
    • Thrive in the tropics of the Yucatan and centralize the union into a stronger kingdom to meet the coming storm.
  • Inca Empire
    • Expand from Cusco to conquer or colonize nearby territories.
    • Resist the traditional power of mummified rulers.
    • Manage Incan Imperial authority.
  • The Netherlands
    • Explore more economically themed government reforms and decisions.
    • Be part of the power struggle between the stadtholders and monarchists.
    • Switch to English national content through Glorious Revolution.
  • Venice
    • Resist or bow to the power of the Council of Ten in a new Government mechanic.
    • Establish the Golden Republic and enjoy the cultural power of the Venetian Renaissance.
  • Austria
    • Make critical decisions in the new "Universal Empire" Imperial incident.
    • Establish the Austro-Hungarian Empire variant nation.
    • Choose from a dozen branching missions and use new diplomatic options.
  • Hungary and Bohemia
    • Resist imperial domination through unique Hungarian Government Reforms and decisions.
    • New Hussite-themed content for Bohemia.
  • Timurids
    • Continue a lifestyle of cavalry-led conquest or consolidate power in Persia.
    • Establish new Government Reforms including Plunder Economy.
  • Mughals
    • Victories on the battlefield help missions to extend power over the riches of a very diverse region.
    • Promote the syncretic Divine Religion to reduce intolerance while promoting monarch power.

The Winds of Change expansion pack is priced at $19.99.

Europa Universalis IV is the fourth title in the award-winning Europa Universalis series. This empire building game has players control a nation which they guide across the years to create their very own dominant global empire. This rule can last for centuries with players given unparalleled freedom. It's a game that offers rich strategic and tactical depth.

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