CS:GO Intel Grand Slam Season 2 Begins With $1 Million Up For Grabs

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Intel Grand Slam 2019
Intel Grand Slam 2019 BetOnBit

Season 2 of the Intel Grand Slam is underway, and the world’s top CS:GO teams are fighting to know who will be the grand slam champion and bring home $1 million.

In order to be declared as the winner of the Intel Grand Slam, a team will need to be the first to win four IGS-eligible tournaments within a period of ten consecutive events.

Should a team be unable to attend an event, that team will be listed as “no win” in relation to the IGS. Results from the previous season will not be included with the new season.

Intel is offering a “Giant Killer Bonus” of $100,000. This award is given to a team that manages to stop another team from getting their 4th win. However, if both teams are fighting for a 4th win, the winner will not get the Giant Killer Bonus. The good news for teams is there will be no limit as how many times the bonus can be paid out.

In terms of the roster, when a player leaves a team and participates in another IGS event with another team, the player will now be ineligible for the IGS prize money for the original team. Teams are allowed to swap members in between tournaments, but the same core three players must be part of the team that gets the four wins first in order to be eligible for the prize. In addition, eligible players will get a share of the prize money in proportion to what they have contributed to the IGS.

The first game of the IGS is the IEM 13 Katowice Major. Next up is IEM 14 Sydney between April and May and then the Dreamhack Masters Dallas 2019 in May to June. The fourth tournament is the ESL One Cologne 2019 in July.

Astralis are the reigning champions following the end of Season 1, after the team defeated Team Liquid in the ESL Pro League Season 8. Astralis had previously won the DreamHack Masters Marseille, ESL Pro League Season 7, and Intel Extreme Masters Challenge.

To keep in touch with the challenge and be informed of new events, schedule will posted in the Intel Grand Slam website.

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