Why You Should Learn Mercy's 'Superjump' In Overwatch

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Mercy's Superjump can actually be of a big help, especially in squishy situations.
Mercy's Superjump can actually be of a big help, especially in squishy situations. Blizzard

Support heroes like healers are without a doubt an important element of any Overwatch team. Without them, it is almost impossible to survive a fight and win a match.

When it comes to support roles in Overwatch, the most popular hero is none other than Mercy. She has been a go-to hero when it comes to keeping allies alive and topping up HP when needed. And when you need her the most, she can fly in to make a clutch save.

Interestingly, one fan has reminded the entire community of Mercy’s versatility, one that involves a simple trick. And mind you, this trick can bring so much difference in matches where an ambush is likely to happen. Believe it or not, it can save you and your teammates at just the right time.

A Reddit user that goes by the name of Canatee shared a video featuring a technique call the superjump with the aforementioned hero on different maps. He highlights how crucial the skill can be, especially when it comes to unexpected, intense situations.

In one of the clips, Mercy can be seen using the superjump in order to leap up and heal an ally Widowmaker. The latter is in critical health and the former helps her from experiencing death at the hands of Genji.

Another clip showcases Mercy's sudden burst in order to resurrect a dead Pharah and downed Widowmaker. Thanks to the hero’s Guardian Angel skill, she can easily rush to the aid of her allies. Interestingly, it is the superjump trick that gives her the ability to gain quicker speed when getting to higher areas. It can be a very useful technique to use if the target cannot simply be reached by using standard moves.

So, how do you the trick anyway? The idea is to crouch and use Mercy’s Guardian Angel, but you have to activate both at the very same time in order for the trick to be pulled off. You may find it difficult to achieve at first, but as long as you got the timing down, you should be able to use it every now and then.

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