Overwatch Remaster Patch Arrives, Brings Changes To Some Heroes

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Some were nerfed, others got buffed.
Some were nerfed, others got buffed. Blizzard

Blizzard just released a new Overwatch patch on the Public Test Realm, and it is a massive one. Dubbed as a “remaster” patch, it brings a lot of changes to at least 13 heroes in the game. Here is everything about it.

The studio described the 1.41 patch as a “remaster” and warned players that it will require “a relatively large download” on all platforms. While most of the changes are not really significant, there are 13 characters that have received changes from the patch in one way or another. And mind you, these changes introduced by the update add up to roughly 8GB in size.

Some of the Overwatch heroes are lucky to have been buffed. For instance, D.Va’s regeneration rate has been bumped up from 12.5 percent to 16 percent per second, and the delay right before the regeneration starts is brought down to 0.75 seconds from one second.

Sigma, on other hand, also received a buff on his Experimental Barrier. It has been cut down to 150 per second from 175. Also, the skill now has a cooldown rate of one second. Roadhog is also rewarded with extra bullets in his Scrap Gun, while Doomfist will not take longer to reach his maximum charge for his rocket punch.

The patch brings a slew of small tweaks, especially if you look at it from a collective perspective. Individually, they might not have significant impact, but they do bring a noticeable change to each hero affected. But hey, it is still in PTR, so it is very likely for these nerfs and buffs to be changed.

To check the full PTR patch notes, click here.

In related news, another pro player has shared his views on the current Overwatch meta. Seagull, who is best known for his Genji streams, said that he has no plans to “touch” the current meta right now. According to him, the recent introduction of the 2-2-2- Role Queue has made it almost impossible for him to play a DPS hero. Even more so, it usually takes him almost an hour before finding a match. And while he does love the game, he just does not find any reason to play it for now – or perhaps until changes are made to the feature.

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