Whatever Happened to Gothenburg Map in Overwatch 2?

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Fans have been wondering why the Gothenburg map has yet to find its way to the game.
Fans have been wondering why the Gothenburg map has yet to find its way to the game. Blizzard

Before the release of Overwatch 2, Blizzard teased the inclusion of the map called Gothenburg, first revealed in an initial trailer years ago. Fast forward to today and with the game already here, the map is still nowhere to be found. This has left fans wondering what exactly happened to it and if the studio even plans to release it soon.

Just recently, the developers released the dual-hero form Ramattra and a brand new map called Shambali. With every new content, fans cannot help but look forward to what the studio has in store for the game, and this has certainly started the discussion about Gothenburg’s whereabouts.

During Blizzcon 2019, the Gothenburg map was teased to be one of the launch maps in the sequel, giving fans a new match environment. However, a lot of things have changed since the game’s release and yet it has not arrived.

A Redditor opened the discussion on the official Overwatch subreddit where they were told that the aforementioned map may have been created as an Assault (2CP) before Blizzard decided to retire the map type. If this is truly the case, there is a possibility that the studio is reworking Gothenburg to be another map type.

It is indeed interesting to see how the developers would introduce the map, the very home of heroes Torbjorn and Brigitte Lindholm. It was even teased to feature Torbjorn’s workshop and a neighborhood named after the Lindholms. Obviously, its inclusion would give players and fans alike a peek into these new lore details and hero backgrounds.

The topic on Reddit also opened another discussion regarding the removal of 2CP maps. While most Overwatch 2 fans do not like the existence of this map type, there are those who would do everything in their power to defend it. The general consensus, however, is that they do not want it to be designed as a Push map.

So far, Overwatch 2 has seen the release of Esperanca and Shamboli, a Push map and an Escort map, respectively. Blizzard has yet to release a Control map though. It might take a while before Gothenburg gets released, considering the fact that it is deemed to be a Hybrid map. Of course, in order for it to be officially launched, the developers will have to consider additional architecture to evolve it from its initial 2CP foundation.

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