Blizzard Details Upcoming Changes Coming to Overwatch 2 Matchmaking System

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Since the game’s release in November, Overwatch 2 players have been quite furious with the game’s uneven matchmaking system. More often than not, the broken system would introduce wildly different ranks, all playing the same competitive match. Now, the developers at Blizzard have decided to share some insights into the changes they plan to implement in the game’s matchmaking system.

In a new official post, Blizzard talks about the upcoming matchmaking changes they plan to introduce to Overwatch 2. The ultimate goal, according to the devs, is to introduce matches to players in a fun and fair way. While it is true that the game’s competitive nature and experience need to improve, it is important for the studio to at least acknowledge the changes needed to be implemented in the matchmaking system.

These changes would see new players teamed up with those who are equivalent to the Bronze 5 rank. This should give them better chances at winning and, more importantly, make the matches feel fairer.

Character balance, while it is very important, will remain as is. However, Blizzard is launching the so-called “streak modifier system.” As the name suggests, Overwatch 2 players will gain MMR a lot faster when they start winning 50% of their matches. This effect will get activated when the system senses that the player is indeed entering fair matches consistent with their MMR.

Another interesting change coming to Overwatch 2 soon is a system that would find pairs of players with similar ratings in each role. For example, if a team has a player in the damage role with a certain MMR number, the system will look for an opposing team that also has a damage-main player with almost the same MMR.

Achieving a balanced matchmaking system in any competitive game is not a walk in the park, and developers at Blizzard for sure understand this. While Overwatch 2’s competitive matchmaking system is still a work in progress, it is an absolute win for fans knowing that Blizzard is committed to making each match fairer to everyone.

Overwatch 2 is now available on Windows PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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