This Week In The Crew 2: Time For Some Fun In The Sun At The Beach

Have some fun.
Have some fun. Ubisoft

Summer has arrived to Motornation and what better way to celebrate than to have some fun in the sun, sea, and sand? This week in The Crew 2, the LIVE Summit is all about The Beach. Today we look at what this one has to offer.

The LIVE Summit starts on July 15 and lasts until July 21 and will be sure to test the skills of players. There’s only two competitions this week, so that should serve as some sort of motivation. First is the Slalom where players need to zig-zag across a pre-determined course while making sure not to collide with any checkpoints. There is an additional catch as the closer the player is to a checkpoint, the higher the points received. Players should additionally practice Escape, where they need to get away from an ever expanding red circle. The circle does eventually catch the players so the goal is to be the last one caught.

There’s also going to be races with courses that include Coconut Grove, Key West, Marina Del Rey, and Miami Beach. Players should be glad to know that this week also has Wreck and Havoc, the monster truck city sprint race.

You’re probably asking, why all the effort? Isn't this supposed to be a vacation? Well the rewards this week are:

  • Platinum: Legendary HC Perf Parts (Loot Digger Set, Goldfinder + Lucky)
  • Gold: Yellow Smoke
  • Silver: 52.5K Spare Parts
  • Bronze: 300K Followers

Like with any LIVE Summit, players won’t be doing this empty-handed since there is a bundle that provides them with the vehicles they need. The Beach bundle offers:

  • Volkswagen Kombi 21 Window Bus – Street Race
  • Proto Offshore MK1 - Powerboat
  • Waco YMF-5D Super – Air Race
  • Red Bull RB14 Disruption Edition – Alpha Grand Prix
  • Dodge SRT Viper GTS (2013) - Drag Race
  • Proto Speedster - Hovercraft

That’s not all as this week also has the BMW Addict Bundle that includes Street Race contenders in the likes of the BMW M4 F82, BMW Z4 (2011), BMW R1200GS, and BMW M5 (2011).

Finally, we go to the highlight of this week, which is the release of the Volkswagen Beetle (1967) taking place tomorrow, July 15. Exciting as that may be, this beauty is actually already available at the Shop and those interested can get it for one Crew Credit. Don’t take too long as the offer ends tomorrow.

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