Wasteland 3 Patch 1.5.3 Readies the Game for October 5 Update

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Wasteland 3 is about to get a whole lot of content when the Cult of the Holy Detonation update drops on October 5. The developer of the game, inXile Entertainment, has released a small patch today to prepare the game for the upcoming update.

Patch 1.5.3 brings balancing changes along with several bug fixes. Assault Rifle has been drastically buffed. From now on, Stormer will be applied to AR weapons just like it’s applied to SMGs. Puncturing Shots damage is increased by 100% for enemies that have damaged armor or are stunned. Double Tap is now applied on every bullet that hits the enemy instead of just the first one.

We have mentioned the rest of the important changes below:

  • Stun Resistance was giving us some resistance to working the way it should and now works as intended. A character with 100% Stun Resistance is now.... (you guessed it!) 100% resistant to being stunned!
  • We resolved a lingering issue that could result in a discrepancy between the Patriarch’s final dialog about Steeltown’s resolution, and the game’s ending slides.
  • The conversation with Quarex should now always trigger properly, allowing players to properly progress the mission "Quarex's Hellacious Journey."
  • World map merchants can now properly reappear even after players have encountered them before.
  • Holding the left stick or arrow key in the crafting screen will now also accelerate the quantities of items selected there.
  • Saving manually will reset the timer showing the time since last save.
  • Under the hood improvements were made for Yuma Speedway & Ranger HQ to reduce the amount of memory these scenes required, making these areas more stable.
  • We resolved an issue that was sometimes preventing players from changing new Rangers’ names
  • Player UI markers in cooperative mode have been adjusted to help more clearly identify which character is selected and which squad group the character is being controlled from.
  • When Gonzalez radios players about the statue out front of Ranger HQ, both players will now receive that transmission.

The complete patch notes are mentioned on Steam.

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