Fight for Steeltown in Newest Wasteland 3 DLC

Fight for survival.
Fight for survival. Koch Media

The Battle of Steeltown DLC has finally arrived on Wasteland 3. This is the first of two DLCs planned to be released this year. It’s available digitally on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One and is part of the Expansion Pass priced at $13.99.

So what is Steeltown really? It’s a factory complex where pretty much all tech is made including weapons, armor, trucks, and robots. This is the same tech that keeps Colorado running and at the same time ensures that the Patriarch stays in power.

Things have been going okay but that changed when deliveries stopped. For the Patriarch, the problem has worsened with Steeltown's leader Abigail Markham giving nothing but excuses. With his options dwindling, he sends Rangers to look into the matter. It turns out that Steeltown is facing its own series of problems. In addition to the workers striking, they are getting raided by bandits. It’s now up to the Rangers to decide the next move.

Features of the new DLC include:

  • Explore Steeltown alone or in co-op mode.
    • Take on new quests and fight against new robotic enemies.
    • Solve the mystery that lies at the heart of Steeltown.
  • Experience tactical combat taken to the next level with new mechanics:
    • Devastating telegraphed attacks
    • Stacking status effects
    • Elemental shields
    • Non-lethal weapons
  • Scaling of combat and gear means that new and returning players can enter Steeltown and face a level-appropriate challenge.
  • Meet new enemies and use new weapons and armors. There are also new crafting recipes to try out.
  • Enjoy original scores and new post-apocalyptic-inspired covers as music supervisor Mary Ramos and composer Mark Morgan return.

In a press statement, Game Director David Rogers revealed that this new DLC offers players choices and consequences along with the humor that Wasteland 3 has been known for. New players can enjoy what may be the best version of the game. Rogers added that returning players can enjoy a new story and try out new combat mechanics.

The Battle of Steeltown is the first of two DLCs to be released this year with the second DLC coming in summer 2021. Wasteland 3 is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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