Wartales: Launch Update Introduces New Region and Campaign

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Wartales, the open-world RPG developed by Shiro Games, is finally out of early access. This game is currently being offered at a discounted price, so if you want to get your hands on it, you can purchase it on Steam for 25% less.

Anyway, the launch update introduced a new region called Alazar, where a plague caused by the All-Seeing Eye has ravaged the land. It is up to you and your band of mercenaries to put an end to it. Additionally, the game is now fully voiced in English, so you can enjoy the dialogue as you progress through the campaign.

Launch Update
Launch Update Steam

Aside from the new content, the launch update also implemented a ton of improvements. For one, the unit level cap is increased to 12, though monsters will still be challenging to defeat because their cap is two levels higher than yours at 14.

Additionally, the overall look of the game is improved. As you will soon notice, your backpacks now evolve as you wear new equipment. The better your gear is, the more elaborate your backpacks will be!

Launch Update
Launch Update Steam


  • New confessions have been added to the pool.
  • You can now bury your fallen companions :’(
  • Numerous new achievements have been added!
  • New arena
  • New elite
  • Explore a new Tomb of the Ancients and defeat a special enemy!
  • Snow wolves and bears are joining the fight alongside snow crawlers!
  • Unlock the new level 12 skills known as Braveries: only one use per character and per round! If you don’t want to take this talent point, you can choose any other talent you have not chosen, creating new possibilities of building!
  • Don’t worry about your animals; they will also be able to choose new talents.
  • You can gain charcoal from the campfire when resting by burning wood!
  • Hemp has been added as a brand-new component: craft ropes or new recipes! You can find it in various locations throughout the world.
  • The old arenas are getting a makeover with new requirements, new bonuses, and a rebalancing of the feature itself.
  • In addition to the new arena in Drombach, battle in the brand-new arenas in Arthes and Ludern.
  • Discover the last 3 specializations for your spearmen, archers, and swordsmen!
  • We have rebalanced the way you gain experience in professions. It will now take less time to reach the last level: the more dangerous or costly your profession-related action is, the more experience points it generates.
  • Some of the trade bonuses have also been revisited.
  • Overall, new recipes have been added for each profession.
  • New options for customization have been added: new faces, new beards…
  • When you start the game, the characters’ customization has been revamped to make it clearer.
  • In addition to the brand-new Alazar biome, new battle and camp maps have been added: rest and fight in the Edoranian fields and the Vertrusian vineyards.
  • Visual effects have received some love.
  • Wolf models have been updated.

So, are you going to purchase the game soon?

Wartales is available on PC.

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