Warframe’s Latest Update Introduces New Railjack and Corpus Proxima

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Warframe has received an update that introduced new features. The first is the new Railjack where players can fight new enemies and even take on new missions. Then, there’s the new region called The Corpus Proxima just waiting to be explored.

The Corpus Proxima

The Corpus Proxima is a region of deep space located around Venus, Neptune, and Pluto. For each of the new planet’s Proxima, players are offered new Mission nodes and new enemies.

While the types of missions are more diversified, there are ones that players are sure to be familiar with, such as the classic Defense and Exterminate modes. Here are the two new mission types:

  • Orphix
    • You must take down Sentient invaders using Operators and Necramechs to circumvent the nullifier pulse fields.
  • Volatile
    • You need to sabotage a Capital ship.

New Railjack

Players can now get inside the new and improved Railjack. Once they get in, players are sure to see some changes. The bridge, for example, has been redesigned and comes with new Turret positions. The entire layout has been upgraded as well allowing players to access vital functions of the ship through an easier-to-navigate space. Plus, the Railjack is now faster and more maneuverable.

The Plexus

Speaking of the Railjack, welcome the new Plexus or your all-in-one Railjack Loadout tool. For this new addition, the Avionics, Intrinsics, Ammo, and Energy are now more in line with the core game experience.

Plexus lets players transform their Avionics to Railjack Mods. They can be equipped and affect the Railjack, which means players no longer need to rely on the Railjack host’s Loadout.

New Turrets

The new Railjacks now offer players new turrets, which are:

  • Laith
    • Repeat shrapnel blaster: Launches high-velocity abrasive fragments, ripping enemy hulls and armor apart.
  • ​Glazio
    • Ship-mounted ice driver: Delivers heavy icicle bombardment, causing severe damage to enemy weak points.
  • Vort
    • Electrical pulse projector: Emits a volley of wide charged arcs that can knock out enemy systems.
  • ​Talyn
    • Rapid-fire laser cannon: Burns targets with instantaneous beams. Fire rate builds with continuous use.

Read more about the changes that arrived with the new update here.

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