Warframe Hotfix 29.6.6 Brings a Plethora of Bug Fixes, Complete Patch Notes Here

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The Warframe PC version received a small yet important update yesterday. The hotfix 29.6.6 solely brings bug fixes and general improvement to the game. Thus, no new content, gameplay changes, or other tweaks have been added.

Two bugs related to Operation: Orphix Venom are now fixed. The slow connection Hosts issue is addressed, and players will no longer lose Affinity for Necramech weapons anymore if host migration occurs. The complete patch notes are mentioned below.

Orphix Venom: Hotfix 29.6.6

Operation: Orphix Venom Changes & Fixes:

  • Fixed another Operation exploit related to slow connection Hosts.
  • Fixed losing Affinity for Necramech weapons if a Host migration occurred while piloting a Necramech with their ultimate Ability active. This also fixes a script error occurring when Reviving after the Host migration.


  • Fixed Pheromone Synthesizers being subtracted from your Inventory each time you equipped a Cutter/Drill or Fishing Spear.
  • Fixed being able to continue firing your weapon while casting Lavos’ Transmutation Probe.
  • Fixed equipping Unreal Skins to Kuva weapons overriding their stats to perform like their base version.
  • Fixed deselecting a Necramech Ability with ‘Next/Previous’ bindings interrupting/ turning off the Ability.
    • This could affect keyboard/mouse players who opt in to this style of ability selection, but would most commonly affect players using Controllers
  • Fixed Grandma’s head floating at all Cambion Drift K-Drive locations during the Heart of Deimos Quest.
  • Fixed the Day of The Dead Voidrig Helmet Skin and Snake Voidrig Helmet Skin not being compatible with Bonewidow.
  • Fixed Necramech Arsenal ordering Arch-Guns into 2 groups: weapons with Gravimag adapters, and those without. There's no need to move no-Gravimag weapons into their own subgroup here, because Gravimag Adapters are no longer required to equip a weapon to the Necramech.
  • Fixed Emblems being offset when equipped on the Bruntspar Necramech Skin.
  • Fixed inconsistent extend/collapse Speargun states when equipped with the Carcinus Speargun Skin.
  • Fixed Wisp twitching when sprinting while holding Dual Pistols.
  • Fixed another case of Teralyst spawn sound being audible in Cetus.
  • Fixed charging sounds not working when using Pax Charge with certain Kitgun Skins.
  • Fixed the description of the Prisma Dual Decurions being the same as the regular one.
  • Fixing potential script error when killing a Jugulus enemy while it's using one of its abilities.

The patch notes are mentioned on the official site as well. This was not the only patch released recently. Just today, Digital Extreme released another hotfix update that addressed a couple of bugs. You can read about it over here.

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