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Some interesting news.
Some interesting news. Digital Extremes

Looks like it’s going to be an exciting spring for Warframe players. Since it also celebrates the game’s eighth anniversary, there’s some exciting new content arriving. So what’s coming then?

For starters, the upcoming update will take players deeper into the Proxima Regions with Call of the Tempestarii. New Raijack Missions and new Void Storms will arrive as well for players to face. At the same time, know more about the ghostly Warframe that is Sevagoth.

Prime Access (Octavia)

For many players, Octavia is well known for her musical abilities. Her Prime form makes her more powerful and players have to create their own music and fight her using their own beat.

Players can get Octavia Prime Access starting February 23.

Prime Access (Nezha)

With Octavia arriving next week, that means goodbye to the Nezha Prime Firewalks. For those who haven’t managed to grab the goodies, they still have fewer than two weeks left. Read more about it here.

Star Days

Love is in the air with Star Days. The event has started but it’s set to last until February 18, giving you some time to earn rewards. Only two winners will take home the prize: one for Physical Valentines and another for Virtual Valentines. The prize for both is the Octavia Prime Access once she is released in-game. You learn more about Star Days and how to join here.

Twitch Drops 2.0

Warframe is launching its Twitch Drops 2.0, which hopes to offer a more user-friendly experience. This time, when a player joins a stream where a drop is active, they’ll be greeted with a chat message that can be expanded to learn more about what the drop is.

Once the player viewing the stream meets the criteria, the chat window brings out a popup where they can manually claim the drop. Get to know more about Twitch Drops here.

Warframe is a free-to-play game released for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It was later ported for Nintendo Switch and recently launched for PS5. It’s being planned to be ported at a later date for Xbox Series X/S. While the game started slow, it has since grown and become one of the most successful titles of Digital Extremes.

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