Warframe: Nora's Mix Vol. 4 Now Live

Nora's Mix Vol. 4 Digital Extremes

A new batch of items is now up for grabs in Warframe via Nora's Mix Vol. 4. In addition, Hotfix 33.0.11 brought some nifty features, including a new button that lets you add others easily.

New Set of Rewards

Nightwave in Warframe is a unique syndicate system where you gain rank by completing unique challenges. Think of this as Warframe'stake on the battle pass similar to other titles.

That said, there are pretty cool rewards in Nora's Mix Vol. 4. For instance, the Sentient Surge is a new augment mod for the Ocucor where eliminating targets has a 20% chance of refilling its magazine. What's even cooler is that this mod increases the weapon's status chance and critical chance by 60% for each Tendril active, making the Ocucor more powerful than ever!

Here is a list of the best rewards from Nora's Mix Vol. 4:

  • Orowyrm's Rage Sigil
  • Sentient Barrage (Battacor)
  • Sentient Surge (Ocucor)
  • Eukar Claw Skin
  • Baruuk Doan Silhouette Glyph
  • Hero of Duviri Display
  • Fabled Gene-Masking Kit
  • Drifter Keeler Suit Collection

Nora's store now offers the following items that you can purchase using Creds:

  • Voruna's Anukas Helmet Blueprint
  • Citrine's Kalite Helmet Blueprint
  • A collection of Sigils and Emblems from previous Nightwave Series

New Features

As previously mentioned, Hotfix 33.0.11 adds some nifty features to the game. One of the most notable is that you can now find a dedicated "Add Friend" button when you hover over another player's profile on the ESC menu.

Moreover, the developers included a new button in the Drifter Syandana and Attachment customization screens that lets you instantly copy suit colors with a single press.

Dedicated "Add Friend" Button via Drop-down Digital Extremes


  • Warframes and Weapons now default to Mod Config A if it uses 40+ capacity (raw drain of Mods installed), rather than defaulting to another Config with the highest capacity. If Config A is not using 40+ capacity, it will default to the highest capacity Mod Config as before.
    • Our original intentions were to always default to the Config with the highest capacity with the theory being that Config was the most effective. After reviewing feedback, this choice caused some confusion, so we have swapped Mod Config A to be the default as commonly Config A is the "main" Config.
  • Mod Configs with Aura and Stance Mods that cause capacity drain are no longer disqualified from being the default.
  • When "Melee with Fire Weapon Input" is enabled in the settings, using the default Melee input will now trigger Drifter's Quick Shot while in Duviri.
  • The Prisma Lenz is now tradeable!
  • Critical Frost:
    • Old: "Critical Hits deal X% Cold Damage with a guaranteed Status Effect."
    • New: "Critical Hits deal an extra hit with X% Cold Damage."

Warframe Hotfix 33.0.11 is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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