Warframe: Magus Lockdown Nerfed in Hotfix 33.0.5 But Not Because It's OP

The Duviri Paradox Digital Extremes

Developer Digital Extremes has been churning out updates for Warframe left and right. This time, the newly released Hotfix 33.0.5 made a pretty significant nerf for those who love using Magus Lockdown.

Magus Lockdown is an arcane enhancement in Warframe specifically made for the Operator. This is good because a Tether Mine will drop every time the Operator performs a Void Sling, which will tether up to 10 nearby enemies for several seconds, rendering them unable to do anything during the time frame.

Having said that, DE understands how popular Magus Lockdown is. That's why the company does not take the nerf in Hotfix 33.0.5 lightly. So, what is the nerf? Well, Magus Lockdown now respects all enemies with ability immunity protections. This means enemies that are immune to crowd control effects are no longer tethered by this arcane enhancement.

Now, you would think that the nerf is a way to curb its power. But DE actually has a different reason, one that makes sense from a progression standpoint. You see, while Magus Lockdown doesn't work on enemies with Overguard like the Eximus and Kuva Trokorians, it does affect other foes, including Kuva Clouds and Thrax enemies during their incorporeal state.

If you were not aware, there was an issue with the Thrax Legatus in the Undercroft where they kept falling through the map, leaving you unable to make progress in the story/circuit because you cannot eliminate them. Apparently, this was caused by Magus Lockdown being used while the Thrax Legatus was using their incorporeal clone ability.

With this change, you can now proceed with the story without fear of getting stuck in the campaign due to enemies blocking your progress.

DE also implemented other changes, such as:

  • Added a new dissolve VFX when approaching Undercroft portals.
  • New players who chose the Duviri Path can now decorate their Dormizone!
  • Simplified the hacking minigame during The Duviri Paradox Quest (Post-Quest hacking minigames are unaffected by this):
    • Removed the timer: players now have unlimited time to complete it.
    • Removed held notes: single notes will now be the only note interactions.
  • Made the following changes to the Sun Silph (and its Silphsela resource) in Duviri:
    • There are now 4 Silphsela "seeds" that float in the air around where the Sun Silph is located.
    • Approaching a Sun Silph within 8 meters will cause it to let out a burst of 3 Silphsela "seeds" into the air that slowly descend overtime before blowing away with the wind.
    • Also fixed being able to get unlimited Silphesela by standing near Sun Silphs.
  • Made the following changes to the Dax Equitem to make the fight more engaging and challenging:
    • Increased the rate at which they use abilities and improved their targeting logic when fighting against a squad.
    • Slightly increased base health.
    • Updated animations after performing abilities/leaps.
  • Made various updates and fixes to the sound FX for Incarnon Genesis weapons.
  • Updated the VFX for Dread's Incarnon Mode.

Warframe Hotfix 33.0.5 is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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