Warframe: Hotfix 33.0.3 Brings Multiple Bug Fixes to Address Issues with the Duviri Paradox

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Have you been playing Warframe's The Duviri Paradox expansion lately? If so, you've probably encountered a lot of bugs, especially on the main quest. Fortunately, Digital Extremes released a new update that resolves a number of those issues.

Let's start with quest blockers. There was an issue where the Dax were falling off the map and not respawning in the main quest. This usually happens on stage one, which would keep you from completing the rest of the stages. There's nothing to worry about now, thanks to Hotfix 33.0.3.

Another notable issue resolved in Warframe Hotfix 33.0.3 has something to do with Orowyrm projectiles. The bug that could get you permanently stuck ragdolling after getting hit with an Orowyrm projectile has been addressed. This means that if you are hit by these projectiles while riding a Kaithe, you'll no longer be stuck in that state, letting you continue the fight as usual.

Patch Notes

  • Updated the VFX on the Ack & Brunt, Soma, Vasto, Burston, and Bronco Incarnon Geneses.
  • Made a slight visual update to show rings in the Duviri Region screen.
  • Changed the Drifter's second ability in Duviri from "Target Radar" (reserved for The New War) to "Guiding Hand."
  • Made several fixes and updates to Incarnon Geneses SFX (specifically how Host/Clients hear them).


  • Fixed getting stuck in the first phase of the Orowyrm fight after Host migration occurs right before player steers it into the portal - causing all in the squad to be stuck in the Duviri Landscape unable to continue the fight.
  • Fixed Drifter swapping to regular Melee instead of the Orvius if it was picked up while they were riding Kaithe - causing them to be unable to grapple to the Orowyrm.
  • Fixed total loss of function after getting hit by an Orowyrm energy wave while trying to take control of it - caused extremely dark screen and other issues upon respawning.
  • Fixed crash during the first stage of the Orowyrm fight after Host migration.
  • Fixed Clients being unable to use Transference on normal (non-Steel Path) Orowyrm.


  • Fixed the end of mission screen playing at the end of some of the Quest stages.
  • Fixed several issues with Teshin and his Rablit's animations during Quest cutscenes.
  • Fixed lighting issues on Teshin upon returning to his Cave during the Quest (restoring the spotlight that he deserves!)
  • Fixed script error in "The Prince of Fire" stage of the Quest.


  • Fixes towards performance issues during the first stage of The Duviri Paradox Quest.
  • Made performance improvements to the lighting in the Dormizone (specifically the door to enter Duviri) for lower spec PCs.

Warframe Hotfix 33.0.3 is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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