Warframe: Nora's Mix is Back in Hotfix 31.6.4

Nora's Mix Vol. 2
Nora's Mix Vol. 2 Digital Extremes

A new nightwave and goodies await you in Hotfix 31.6.4 for Warframe. Nora’s Mix Vol. 2 is now live, and it features new challenges for you to complete and new rewards for you to gain.

Three new weekly Acts are introduced. The first one asks you to complete three Void Armageddon missions. In the second, you’ll need to complete three Void Flood missions. The last weekly Act requires you to finish four different Bounties in Zariman.

Of course, there’s an even harder challenge where you need to defeat five Void Angels located in Zariman as well. The good news is that you do not have to take on this challenge alone because you can be in a squad when completing this. Plus, everyone in the squad will have the Act completed regardless of who dealt the final blow.

Just like in previous editions of Nightwave, there’s duplication protection for rewards, so you won’t get the same ones you’ve already unlocked. That said, what are the rewards for Nora’s Mix Vol 2? Here’s a rundown:

  • Nightwave Ship Decoration
    • A mini-decoration of the Nightwave Landing Craft.
  • Noggle Statue - Nora Night
    • A small statue of a person larger than life.
  • Nora Night Glyph Pack
    • Complete your profile with a pair of Nora Night Glyphs - “Style baby!”
  • Weapon Augments (stats below are shown at max rank)
    • Critical Precision (Tiberon): Burst Fire Only: Headshots increase Critical Chance by 10% up to 500%. Missing with all shots in a burst removes up to 100% of this bonus Critical Chance.
    • Vile Discharge (Embolist): Damage is accumulated up to 30,000. Use Alt-fire to launch an explosive vile sac dealing and resetting the accumulated damage.
  • Nightwave Operator Collection
    • Nora’s got the goods for you lucky Dreamers with this stylish collection of the Nightwave Suit, Sleeves, and Leggings.
  • Nightwave Earpieces
    • A fashionable accessory only a Tenno could adorn.
  • Necramech Statue
    • Adorn your Orbiter with this decoration representing a Necramech.

The following items are also added to the Cred Offerings shop:

  • Nightwave Ornament
    • A decoration for all you Dreamers out there.
  • Gyre Automaton Helmet Blueprint
    • Electrifying style coming in hotter than lighting!

Some changes have also been applied in Hotfix 31.6.4. For one, a ton of Riven Disposition adjustments are implemented. Additionally, Lohk Surge buffs now apply to the whole squad instead of just within range of the Warframe that activated it.

The full patch notes can be found on the official site.

Warframe Hotfix 31.6.4 is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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