Soulframe Officially Announced by Warframe Devs; Free-to-play Action MMORPG

The latest project from Digital Extremes is another free-to-play MMORPG.
Digital Extremes has officially unveiled Soulframe, a free-to-play MMORPG.
Digital Extremes has officially unveiled Soulframe, a free-to-play MMORPG. Digital Extremes

Announced during TennoCon 2022, Warframe developers Digital Extremes have officially revealed Soulframe, its next big project. Soulframe is a free-to-play action MMORPG in the same vein as Warframe, and according to Digital Extremes it is in “early development.” The announcement at TennoCon 2022 was accompanied by a cinematic reveal trailer which you can check out below.

Soulframe creative director Geoff Crookes stated:

“With Soulframe‘s worldbuilding and thematic elements, we are really looking to go back to our childhood favorites and pull inspiration from the elaborate fantasy worlds that we fell in love with growing up. Our team is really interested in this idea of nature and humanity colliding and we’ll be exploring a lot of those themes through our own lens while playing with ideas of restoration and exploration.”

Not much else is revealed about Soulframe besides the cinematic trailer, although Digital Extremes did release a promotional teaser website which needs a bit of decoding to uncover. The official site requires you to decrypt the symbols to unveil more of the game’s concept art, as well as allowing you to join the newsletter which will update players on the evolution of Soulframe, and claim something called Alca’s Eye on launch day, and reserve an Envoy Title. This is a good chance for prospective players to reserve what is assumedly their character’s name for Soulframe, so if you have something in mind as early as now, then signing up may be a great idea.

According to the official YouTube description, Soulframe is heavily influenced by themes of nature, restoration, and exploration. It’s also an open-world adventure, with Digital Extremes promising that the game will be a transparent, collaborative, and iterative process shaped by both the players and developers. That particular statement is something that many DE fans can actually look forward to, as the developer is best known as one of the most community-driven in the gaming space. Much of Warframe’s continued success to this day can be attributed to Digital Extremes and their openness towards the community, exemplified by TennoCon, a yearly convention for Warframe fans across the world.

Soulframe is set to be released on a still unannounced date on consoles and PC.

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