Warframe Enhanced Graphics Engine Now Enabled by Default on PC in Update 33

The Duviri Paradox
The Duviri Paradox Digital Extremes

Warframe’s latest expansion, The Duviri Paradox, has finally arrived, and with it is Update 33 that not only adds tons of new content but also enhances the visuals for those playing on PC.

Impressive Visuals

The talented folks at Digital Extremes are committed to always creating visually appealing content for Warframe fans. That’s why the company decided to enable Enhanced Graphics Engine by default on PC.

So, what is it? Well, it is an improved engine that allows certain types of in-game details, such as tattoos, facial hair, decals, and dynamic lighting, to be visible. Players can change some settings to suit their preferences, including:

  • Sun Shadows Toggle: This can be disabled via the Graphics settings in the Video tab of your Options.
  • Enhanced Decals Toggle: This can be disabled via the Graphics settings in the Video tab of your Options.
  • Switching Graphics settings under Options > Video to “Medium” or “Low” will also offer performance adjustments if required.
  • NEW: SSAO Quality Settings: Adjust ambient occlusion quality settings between medium and high (or disable) in the Advanced Video options.
    • Prior to this update, this was just a toggle to enable or disable while using the Enhanced Graphics Engine. Now you can adjust to your liking.
Enhanced Graphics Engine
Enhanced Graphics Engine Digital Extremes

According to the dev team, enabling Enhanced Graphics Engine by default on PC had to be done because of two reasons. First, the graphics programmers had to work very hard to maintain both classic and enhanced engines simultaneously, so the old engine had to be retired to give the team more time to create new content. And second, the artists are limited by what the classic engine can do.

Making the Enhanced Graphics Engine the default option for PC makes sense because it would enable the team to produce more visually appealing content in the future.

Enhanced Graphics Engine
Enhanced Graphics Engine Digital Extremes

Bug Fixes

  • Citrine’s Last Wish:
    • Fixed primary target not receiving any bonus Status Effects from the Secondary Encumber Arcane while using a chaining weapon (i.e. Atomos).
    • Fixed the Secondary Encumber Arcane unintentionally counting staggering as a Status Effect, leading to many unintended Effects being applied.
      • This Arcane is intended to trigger only from Physical and Elemental Status Effects i.e. Status types which show on an enemy’s health bar.
    • Fixed many mods that previously worked on Exalted Weapons not correctly applying, for example (but not exclusively) Internal Bleeding and Hunter Munitions when installed on Ivara’s Artemis Bow, or Life Strike not working when installed on Exalted Melee Weapons. Valkyr's Hysteria not having life steal was in the same category.
    • Fixed casting many Warframe abilities interrupting aim gliding and forcing you to land.
    • Fixed Battacor requiring all 3 charges to use its alt fire instead of the intended 1 or 2 charges to scale the damage.
    • Fixed pausing the game in Solo mode not suspending the energy cost of abilities that use energy over time.
    • Also fixed issues with enemies affected by Status Effects not behaving as intended when the game is paused.
    • Fixed equipment entries duplicating each time a player's profile is opened.
    • Fixed spamming the interact key instantly dismounting you from Ropalolyst and resetting its shields.
    • Fixed the “Energy Drain” stat in the Warframe ability page showing as 0 when Zenurik’s Inner Might is equipped.

Warframe Update 33 is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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