Warframe: Several Crashing Issues Addressed in Hotfix 32.2.1

Warframe: Lua's Prey
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Digital Extremes deployed a new update for Warframe recently, now available on all platforms. Hotfix 32.2.1 resolves a lot of crashing issues that were experienced by the community.

Players who have encountered a client crash whenever they start a solo mission will be relieved to find that this issue is now fixed in the latest update. The bug that causes Warframe to crash when hovering over Caliban’s abilities has been addressed as well.

Those who were unable to purchase the Lotus Amaga Skin separately before Hotfix 32.2.1 can rejoice. That’s because they can now buy the item from the Warframe in-game Market, provided that they’ve already finished the New War questline. According to DE, this has always been intended as a separately purchasable item, so they've just reinforced that in this update.

Patch Notes

  • Updated Grendel’s Nourish ability description to properly indicate that all energy sources are boosted, not just from Energy Orbs as previously stated.
  • Added a new backer to the new enemy damage resistance icons to improve visibility.
  • Added greater pitch variance for Voruna’s ability howl sound FX.
  • Removed a tile from the Orokin Moon tileset as it was not playing nice with color blind options and the black and white filter from the Lone Guardian (panels not lighting up for example).
  • Fixed Nekros’ Lua Thrax Shadows of the Dead applying their Life Support drain in Conjunction Survival missions.
    • Also fixed the enemy waypoint still appearing above their heads.
  • Fixed Lua Thrax enemies losing their waypoint if they get ragdolled.
  • Fixed the Lua Thrax enemies’ spawn sound FX stacking.
  • Fixed the Lone Guardian in Conjunction Survivals getting stuck in certain areas of the Orokin Moon (Lua) tileset.
  • Fixes cases where enemies could fall through and die when crossing a certain bridge in the Conjunction Survival missions.
  • Fixed crash caused by a player extracting but leaving behind ability elements that affect enemies (notably Zephyr’s Air Burst projectiles).
  • Fixed being unable to start the Chimera Prologue Quest due to your evil twin not leaving the pillar in the Personal Quarters where it can be started.
  • Fixed the Golden Mend Collection not being available in the in-game Market until you completed The New War Quest.
    • We want players to be able purchase the other goods in the collection, regardless of Quest status. Completing the Quest unlocks access to the Lotus customizations where the Amaga Skin can be equipped.
  • Fixed the Battacor’s alt-fire, Mausolon, and Trumna causing self damage instead of self stagger.
    • Lua’s Prey was a mainline update, which meant some things could slip through the cracks - this just happened to be one of them. As mentioned in Devstream #166, self damage changes will be released at a later date.

The full list of bug fixes can be found on Warframe’s official website.

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