Warframe: Hotfix 31.0.7 Fixes Ember and Frost Prime Resurgence Packs

Warframe Hotfix 31.0.7
Warframe Hotfix 31.0.7 Digital Extremes

A new update for Warframe has been deployed. Hotfix 31.0.7 addresses the issue where some players have not received their Titan Extractor Prime Blueprints after purchasing the Frost or Ember packs from the recent Prime Resurgence. The developers ran a script to fix the accounts of those who have not received the said blueprints.

Aside from that, some important bug fixes are implemented. Those who have acquired some post-New War Amps may have encountered issues before. For instance, there was a problem where players can't perform a Void Blast when using a post-New War Amp and Vazarin’s Guardian Shell. This is now resolved.

The latest hotfix may also improve PC performance with micro-optimizations to reduce hitches and improve loading times when using DirectX 12.

Update Highlights

  • Fixed occasional crash when rapidly opening and closing an Inbox message from Lotus
  • Fixed viewing your Operator Equipment in a Relay preventing Transference from working once you leave the configuration screen
  • Fixed Dropships attempting to fly into caves in the post-NW Open Zones
  • Fixed Cambion Drift Defense Bounties counting friendly NPCs as enemies (Pets, Necramechs, etc) which negatively affected the mission
  • Fixed a post-New War Amp not staying in your hand when performing a Void Blast
  • Fixed Grineer NPCs in Cambion Drift Bounties not disappearing after the Bounty was failed
  • Fixed broken elevator moment during The New War Quest if you died after completing a certain objective
  • Fixed issues with Ash's Bladestorm pausing if you run far away from the targets during the stabbing
  • Fixed Coildrive mesh lingering after completing the Ambush Bounty stage in high-level Bounties in Orb Vallis
  • Fixed ability to carry Data Masses and your Primary weapon at the same time - you should switch to your Secondary as intended now
  • Fixed certain Tenet weapon FX appearing when Skins are equipped
  • Fixed wrong Inbox icon for a certain sender after completing The New War Quest
  • Fixed sometimes spinning uncontrollably when completing certain Mastery Tests. This also fixes the same scenario happening to the Warframes Displayed in the Personal Quarters when visiting an Orbiter
  • Fixed join-in-progress players sometimes seeing Hounds with the default name and/or no body parts
  • Fixed join-in-progress players sometimes seeing a Hound belonging to a different Sister than what everyone else sees
  • Fixed a spot-load when the Hound of a player that joined in progress spawns

You can read the full patch notes here.

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