Warframe Halloween Event Guide: How To Earn Mother Tokens

Warframe Halloween Event Guide
Warframe Halloween Event Guide PCGamesN

Warframe’s Halloween-themed event, Nights of Naberus, released on October 15. The Nights of Naberus event brings in new limited-edition Halloween items with a story that revolves around the new map, Cambion Drift.

The Night of Naberus event comes complete with tons of new and recurring content to grind. Warframe character Daughter has also gotten into the holiday spirit and is dressed up in a spooky costume. Daughter will be handing out goodies in exchange for Mother Tokens. Here’s a guide on how to earn some Mother Tokens and buy cosmetics.

How To Earn Mother Token

To start the event, players will have to go to the Cambion Drift and interact with Daughter. Select the Naberus Treats option from the main menu and Daughter will offer some spooky cosmetic content. Mother Tokens are pretty easy to grind, as players just have to complete bounties to receive the tokens. If you have a squad, the fastest way to earn tokens is by accepting the highest difficulty bounties and completing them as fast as possible. We recommend you to go for the easier bounties if you are playing solo.

Steel Path bounties offer quite a bit of Mother Tokens, but they can be extremely difficult even with fully modded equipment.

Halloween Drops

After collecting tons of Mother Tokens, return to Daughter on Cambion Drift and exchange them for Naberus Treats. The most important items you can receive from Daughter are the Zaw parts which are also a part of the Operation: Plague Star event. The remaining rewards from the Daughter are purely cosmetics, so they are not as important as the Zaw items that buff your amour and help you to build other Warframes.

Warframe is available to play on PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One.

So, what are your thoughts on the Nights of Naberus event? Do you think Warframe should receive more festive related content? Personally, I think the event will bring back a lot of players as Warframe is offering a lot of cool cosmetic rewards. Whatever your thoughts may be, let us know in the comments below.

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