Warface: February 1 Update Introduces New Agent and Lunar New Year Content

Warface February 1 Update
Warface February 1 Update Crytek Studios

A new update has been deployed for Warface that introduces content inspired by the Lunar New Year. This patch also features a new agent that you can unlock now. Let’s get into the details, shall we?

Lunar New Year Goodies

To celebrate the Lunar New Year, the developers have released the new “Water Tiger” series of weapons. This includes the Rhino 60 DS pistol, Tactical Axe, gloves, a helmet, weapon charm, and special contracts. These can be unlocked by completing a special contract dedicated to the annual event.

Rhino 60 DS Pistol
Rhino 60 DS Pistol Crytek Studios

New Agent

Agent Whirl
Agent Whirl Crytek Studios

Rebecca Morton, also known as “Agent Whirl,” is an elite member of the SAS. She possesses fearlessness in face of danger and her resourcefulness allows her to get out of sticky situations.

What’s more, the Agent Whirl Set will be available in the game shop soon. There is the “Englishman” weapon series dedicated to Morton as well. This includes the OTs-14 Groza, Makarov Pistol, and Karambit.

"Englishman" OTs-14 Groza
"Englishman" OTs-14 Groza Crytek Studios


Contract Details
  • Expired Items Removal
    • We have added a button to remove all expired items from the Inventory. By pressing it, you will only remove items that cannot be prolonged. We hope this will help clean up the armory and keep it up to date
  • Swarm: fixed a bug due to which the player could not deal damage to some beetles
  • Fixed a bug due to which short-term freezes occurred upon finding a "Quick Play" match
Weapons and Gear
  • Valkyrie Tactical Axe: fixed a bug due to which the weapon model was displayed without additional geometry textures
  • Golden AT308 Custom, Golden Barrett MRAD Mk22: fixed a bug due to which kills made with the weapons did not count for some contracts
  • Huntsman Mauser Kar98k: fixed a bug due to which it was impossible to install mods on the weapon
  • Fixed a bug due to which the Steam overlay opened in full-screen mode upon pressing the Shift key (by default, the overlay can be activated with a combination of Shift + Tab)
  • Fixed a bug due to which the letter icon in the notification menu was shifted and displayed in low quality
  • Fixed a bug due to which sometimes, after activating the "Finish" button, the card with the main information for the contract stage was not updated, and the timer was not displayed

Warface February 1 Update is now available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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