War Thunder Mobile Open Beta Now Live on Android Devices

Experience the battles in mobile. Gaijin Entertainment

The open beta test for War Thunder Mobile has started. The catch is it's currently limited to Android and distributed in APK format through the game's official website. Gaijin Entertainment did say that a version for Google Play and another for iOS are coming out in the next few months.

The game was first announced in November 2022 and was called War Thunder Edge at the time. It was after a series of alpha testing that led to officially changing the title to what it is now. Those who participated in previous tests should be happy to know that player progress won't be reset during the open beta, which means all unlocked vehicles will remain.

Mobile Version

War Thunder Mobile carries over the main concept from the PC and console versions of War Thunder and that is large-scale cooperative battles of legendary air, naval, and ground vehicles.

Mobile gamers can enjoy the dynamic and realistic battles War Thunder is known for and even experience features, like proper shell ballistics and the detailed indication of the armor penetration process. There are also the splinter trajectories along with crew and equipment damage.

In a post, the dev team revealed that when they were working on this version, they wanted to transfer to it everything that made War Thunder unique. In addition, they also made sure that the interface, vehicle controls, and progression mechanics are comfortable for those playing on mobile.

Open Beta Features

For this mobile title, the focus is on the most interesting and well-known models of tanks, ships, and aircraft of all eras. In the open beta, players can look forward to at least 200 units, including none other than the battleship Yamato, which is yet to debut in War Thunder.

There's also the progression system developed specifically for this title. It's going to allow players to try out equipment from different countries, like the legendary German Tiger II tanks and modern American fighting vehicles such as M3 Bradley.

War Thunder Mobile can be played on most Android 10 and later devices having a minimum of 4 GB RAM. You can download the APK file here.

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