War Thunder Invites You to Valentine's Day Event

Time for some romance.
Time for some romance. Gaijin Entertainment

It's Valentine's Day today and that means romantic time with your favorite video game. War Thunder has a cool new event which starts today and ends February 17. One of the things you can receive is the "Cyber Cupid" decal. To get this, simply play three battles of at least rank three with an activity of not less than 70%.

What else can you enjoy during this event? You can head to the Item Shop and buy a trophy having unique 3D decorations for Golden Eagles. In the St. Valentine’s Trophy, there's a naval decoration “Anchor of love” along with ground vehicle decorations “Compound bow” and “Teddy Bear with heart.” By the way, once you’ve opened the trophy, you also get a decoration that you don’t yet possess.

Like what's being offered every Valentine's Day, you can buy the Premium Mk-IX “Valentine” tank using Golden Eagles during the event. Look for it in the USSR research tree.

Optimization of File Structure

Aside from a new event, the development team also gave a peek on some technical improvements being worked on for the game. One of these is about the upcoming new file structure for the game client.

What's going to happen is that a number of heavy game files will be broken up into smaller ones so that when files are changed, players on both Steam and consoles can download smaller volumes to speed up download and installation of new patches.

Because the files are split into smaller pieces and download faster, players will save bandwidth especially for those having slow or unstable internet connections. However, this should not affect loading speed of the game. The speed stays the same on SSD though there may be some change on HDD. This adjustment is already planned to go live in the upcoming major update.

War Thunder is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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