The Walking Dead: All-Stars Introduces New Recruiting System

The first ever update.
The first ever update. Com2US

The drama in The Walking Dead: All-Stars just went up a notch with the release of its first update, which introduces the new Headhunting system. What it does is allow players to recruit allies from different alignment, from mythical overseers and to vicious predators. With this, players can now create their ultimate armies.

The update also adds a new original character to the game. Annie possesses mystical powers and can provoke enemies through her trust hawk companion named Phoenix. With her neutral alignment, she can help recover HP by aiding her allies that have suffered the most damage with medicinal herbs.

Players can also look forward to the new PvP mode, Last Man Standing. What’s going to happen is that the top players from the Frontier battles ranking between 1 and 10 can now join in the Last Man Standing league. Players then need to fight every single rival in the league to make it to the finals.

As part of the update, everyone is invited to limited-time events:

  • Town Management
    • From September 27 to October 10, players can join this Town Management bingo-style event.
    • Get a reward box containing items necessary for character growth like General Recruitment Ticket and Action Guide.
    • Players able to complete all bingo games are provided with a Selective Survivor Recruitment Ticket.
    • This ticket allows them to recruit one of the four epic characters, including Sophia and Rania.
  • Inventory Clearance and Growth Support
    • Players can get rewards through this event, which starts October 4.

In The Walking Dead: All-Stars, players start their fight for survival in the town of Asyl, a refuge in upstate New York formed by survivors from a shipwrecked cruise liner after the outbreak. It had been okay at the start but after the supplies ran out, the survivors had no choice but to forage in the desolate landscape ridden with brain-hungry Walkers. This led to many casualties.

Sometime later, the survivors learned from the radio of another group of survivors in the Chicago Harbor area. Players now start on a treacherous journey to rescue more survivors and build a team that can take on the undead.

Learn more about The Walking Dead: All-Stars here. The game is available on Android and iOS.

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