The Walking Dead: All-Stars Now Available on Mobile

Can you survive?
Can you survive? Com2Us

The Walking Dead: All-Stars is now available for download free on Google Play and the Apple App Store. This new mobile collection RPG is set in the post-apocalyptic universe of The Walking Dead. The game is made possible by Skybound Entertainment in partnership with Com2uS Holdings.

The Walking Dead: All-Stars features:

  • New and unique comic book-style illustrations.
  • A devastated wasteland that players get to explore.
  • Battles against the Walker hordes.
  • Fights versus rival survivors in PvP.
  • Players collect important resources to allow their sanctuary to flourish.

In the game, players start their fight for survival in the town of Asyl, a refuge in upstate New York formed by survivors from a shipwrecked cruise liner after the outbreak. It had been okay at the start but after the supplies ran out, the survivors had no choice but to forage in the desolate landscape ridden with brain-hungry Walkers. This resulted in many casualties.

Sometime later, the survivors learned from the radio of another group of survivors in the Chicago Harbor area. Players now start on a treacherous journey to rescue more survivors and build a team that can take on the undead.

As players explore new areas, they get to recruit survivors, make new allies, and even meet beloved characters from the series like Rick, Michonne, and Glenn.

Com2uS USA President Kyu Lee shared that The Walking Dead has become an iconic franchise that managed to touch all corners of entertainment. He added that they are happy to offer fans a new kind of survival RPG that they can enjoy on their mobile phones. Lee went on to say that the teams at Skybound and FUNFLOW did an amazing job in coming up with an authentic and immersive storyline and mixing it with a rich gameplay experience.

Meanwhile, Skybound Creative Director Mike Rogers revealed that when they set out to create the game, their goal was to offer a new storyline that would get the attention of those who love RPGs and the fans of the comics. He said that Com2uS Group and FUNFLOW had been good partners and that their expertise played a role in bringing their vision to life.

What do you think? Do you have what it takes to survive? Get the game on Android and iOS. Learn more about The Walking Dead: All-Stars here.

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