The Walking Dead: Last Mile Act One Now Available on Facebook

The story starts.
The story starts. Skybound Entertainment

The first episode of Act One of The Walking Dead: Last Mile is now available for everyone to enjoy. There’s just one catch - this new The Walking Dead experience remains exclusive to Facebook. It’s the first-ever entertainment experience done live on Facebook Gaming and Facebook Watch.

For those who were there from the start, the end of the story's Prologue saw the death of a key member of the Village faction. Making the situation even more difficult is the news of a harsh winter arriving soon. This could make the outlook rather grim for the survivors of Prosper Landing, Alaska.

The Walking Dead: Last Mile is an experience shaped by fans with Instant Game providing continuous access to the game world and its inhabitants. This lets viewers create their very own survivors and earn Influence Points by playing activities and mini-games. They can then use those points to bid on decisions, whether large or small, which can impact the story.

The entire game is expected to run for four months with Yvette Nicole Brown and Felicia Day hosting regular Facebook livestreams to highlight the big moments that moved the story forward. They’ll also be discussing the story with special guests as well as revealing key decisions made by the audience in Instant Game.

The next livestream is scheduled for this Friday to be hosted by Felicia Day. She’ll be playing the game live with a surprise guest host. Fans who wish to catch up on the previous sessions can do so on the official Facebook page.

In a statement, Shawn Kittelsen of Skybound Entertainment shared that the game is an immersive and audience-driven experience made for The Walking Dead. He added that the game lets fans make choices as a community for the very first time. He went on to say that the fans not only get the chance to shape the lives of those in Prosper Landing but also help determine the future of the franchise.

Meanwhile, Jacob Navok of Genvid Entertainment revealed that due to the thousands of fans who joined in the Prologue, they were able to make significant changes to the look and feel of the game. He said that the audience has played an important role in shaping the world and narrative of the game.

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