The Walking Dead: All-Stars Releases Halloween Update

New update is here.
New update is here. Com2Us

The latest update of The Walking Dead: All-Stars is sure to bring thrills and chills for everyone this spooky season. There’s a new community-based mode where players fight for survival. Players can also look forward to a new character and a returning one. Of course, there are the limited-time events that give out exclusive skins and rewards.

The new mode is called Total War, where players form a team with other survivors and try to take down a powerful plunderer. Those able to win earn ranking rewards like a Conduct Manual. Players able to rank from first to 50th place in the event not only receive the title of the highest level, which is Challenger, but also earn Gold Bars as rewards.

New and Returning

The new update introduces a new character to the game named Henry. He’s actually created exclusively for this game. He is a powerful young ally that can attack multiple enemies by throwing balloons filled with red paint to the air and popping them using a basic shooting attack. Henry can also provide buffs to allies that boost their attack speed or increase their critical strike rate.

Players should be happy to know that it’s now possible to recruit Yumiko as an epic-class character. She originally appeared in The Walking Dead comics. She’s a bystander in alignment and as a ranger class, uses a bow as her main weapon.

Yumiko can fire three hazardous arrows three times in a row. This is a good option for long-range and short-range attacks. Her attacking skills include:

  • Basic piercing arrow attack.
  • Poisoned arrow attack.
  • Ambush assassinations that deal major damage to the weakest opponents.

Other New Content

Other new content that arrived in the update are:

  • Survival Record
    • Clear Stage 19-4 in World and get rewards like Skill Manual.
    • Personal Gear for bystander characters is available.
    • Personal Gear is an item unique to the character, and characters who are in legend level or higher can possess it.
    • This can be strengthened using special materials, and various additional abilities can be obtained depending on the level of enhancement.
  • Halloween Content
    • The Town area has been decorated for Halloween.
    • Players can dress up the character Abraham with Wild Rider, an exclusive new skin.
    • Skins are items that characters can put on to show off their unique personality.
  • ​Seasonal Events
    • From November 2 to November 15, players can participate in Kyla’s Battle Group Test and receive tokens which can be exchanged for Overseer/Warlord characters or Henry’s chat emoji.
    • ​Players can also receive gifts through Halloween Login Event, Town Management, 14-Day Survival Support Event, and Attendance Book.

Learn more about The Walking Dead: All-Stars here. The game is available on Android and iOS.

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