Victoria 3: Update 1.2 Brings New Features and AI Improvements

Update 1.2
Update 1.2 Twitter/@PDXVictoria

Paradox Development Studio of the grand strategy game Victoria 3 launched Update 1.2 just recently. This massive patch brought a ton of new features and AI improvements.

New Features

Some pretty interesting new features have been added to Victoria 3 - one of which is Autonomous Investment. This is a game rule that, when enabled, will automatically make your people start new private construction projects based on available funds in your investment pool.

Another noteworthy feature is that markets now have a land trade capacity. This allows trade routes between adjacent markets to trade a limited number of goods without the need for convoys.

You can read the other new features below:

  • Buildings can now have Government Shares, which will pay money (or subtract losses) directly into the treasury relative to building profits and government ownership share
  • The investment pool is now disabled under Command Economy. When Command Economy is enacted, all funds in the investment pool are seized for the treasury and all private construction projects are turned into government construction projects.
  • Added new economic law Cooperative Ownership, which requires Council Republic and now unlocks Workers' Co-ops production methods instead of Council Republic doing so directly
  • In-Game Music Player
  • Complete overhaul of the Taiping Rebellion / Heavenly Kingdom event chain, including a new Journal Entry and event, a custom government form, historical characters, unique Interest Groups, new law setup, and plenty of fixes and balance changes

Newly Improved AI

The AI in Victoria 3 got better in Update 1.2 as well. Now, it will no longer construct ports if it could not support them financially. Moreover, the AI will now hire enough generals to defend its HQs more effectively.

Here are the other AI improvements:

  • AI will now never remove the last level of port in a state
  • AI will now better balance its forces between defending home HQs and sending troops to overseas fronts
  • Technologies now have scripted AI weights to fine-tune the AI's decision-making when selecting new research
  • High Recklessness will now cause the AI to overestimate its military strength in Diplomatic Plays, thereby increasing Confidence
  • AI will no longer downsize government buildings while in a civil war
  • AI is more keen to do reforms to avoid civil war, especially if a subject (from "Open Beta Tweaks" mod by One Proud Bavarian and Doodlez)
  • Adding more primary demands now increases sympathy for opposing side
  • AI now sets tariff policies on goods according to their interests
  • AI should no longer offer or accept a white peace when the odds are overwhelmingly in their favor

So, what can you say about the new features and AI improvements in Victoria 3 Update 1.2?

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