Victoria 3: Patch 1.0.4 Implements Changes to "Pops" and AI

Patch 1.0.4
Patch 1.0.4 Twitter/@PDXVictoria

Patch 1.0.4 for Victoria 3 is now available on PC. This update implements balancing changes, particularly to how “pops” are used in certain areas of the game.

For those who don’t know, “Pops” in Victoria 3 is a short term for population. Pops are used in a variety of ways, such as constructing buildings and improving your wealth. You can also use them to provide funds that are necessary for you to run the country.

Anyway, Patch 1.0.4 made some changes to pops. One of the most notable is that the maximum number of pops enslaved each week by debt slavery has been reduced from 5% to just 0.5% of the state population.

Aside from that, debt slavery no longer takes more pops when the slaves constitute 20% of the state population. These changes are implemented to help prevent population numbers from going down rapidly. Furthermore, fewer pops enslaved by debt slavery means that you have more people to work with at a given time, which is quite helpful in growing the economy and expansion.

This update brought some AI improvements as well. For one, the AI is now less likely to back down and will potentially be more involved in diplomatic plays. Besides that, it is now more focused on taking land-adjacent states and conquering contiguous land areas in general.

Patch Notes

  • Petit-Bourgeoisie now also cares about government wages
  • Slashing government wages will now reduce prestige
  • Slashing military wages will now reduce training rate
  • Debt slavery can now enslave pops up to wealth level 9, in reduced numbers for each point
  • of wealth
  • Increased the chance of progressive political movements appearing over the course of the
  • game
  • Movements to Preserve now have a larger effect on the chance for a law to stall, making it
  • harder to pass laws opposed by powerful groups
  • Political Movements for or against changes in Slavery and Government principles laws will
  • now be more radical
  • Reduced base effect of Propagandists Intelligentsia trait from 50% to 25%
  • Reduced effect of guaranteed liberties on loyalists and radicals' growth
  • Native Uprisings now get a significant bonus to their combat capabilities, mainly on the
  • defensive
  • Reduced the chance of Native Uprisings occurring when provinces are colonized
  • Flotillas now regain Morale as intended after naval battles
  • Fixed a bug where capitulating in one war could cause your generals in another war to
  • standby
  • Fix the issue where Investment Pool could be used for disallowed building types

The full changelog can be found on Victoria 3’s official site.

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