Victoria 3: Patch 1.1 Massively Improves AI Decision-Making

Patch 1.1
Patch 1.1 Steam

Victoria 3 Patch 1.1 is now available. This massive update brings a lot of good improvements to the game’s AI.

There are situations in Victoria 3 where war is inevitable. This being the case, players can always choose to end the war as quickly as possible by making peace with the enemy. In Patch 1.1, the AI is now more willing to accept a White Peace deal the longer the war goes on. White Peace is basically a peace treaty where all parties agree to end hostilities, except that this is done when the war has already gotten much worse.

Additionally, the AI is now better when it must produce more military goods of a certain type.

This update has reworked the Morale mechanic as well. Now, players will get a base loss of Morale for every round of battle, which is further influenced by the difference in casualties and other modifiers.

Patch Notes

  • Reworked Legitimacy to provide bonuses and penalties to countries at different Legitimacy levels
  • Added a new Legitimacy modifier based on Votes in Government
  • Treaty Ports will no longer function if the owner's Power Rank isn't greater than the market owner's, ensuring Great Powers cannot use them to get access to the markets of other Great Powers
  • Rebalanced Legitimacy across all Laws
  • Added Authority bonus to High and Very High Government Wages
  • Added Morale Recovery and Power Projection bonus to High and Very High Military Wages
  • Added Power Projection penalty to Low and Very Low Military Wages
  • Buildings will now only raise wages if they are either competing for wages or are below their minimum wage target; the target is based on employees' Expected Standard of Living to prevent too much active radicalization
  • Mass migration now only targets incorporated states, to avoid colonies being the main target of mass migration rather than e.g. the New World
  • AI will not begin unifying Canada or Australia until Pan-Nationalism is researched
  • Australian and Canadian confederation no longer forces the annexation of a player
  • AI now also takes into account bankruptcy when considering peace desire, neutrality and confidence, not just debt level
  • Make the AI more interested in switching to more productive PMs, and less interested in switching to less productive ones unless there is a very good reason to do so
  • Added a Good's current Trade Routes to the Goods Panel's Market tab
  • Added a delay to opening map tooltips. The amount of delay is controlled by a new setting.
  • Added pop consumption goods needs display to Economy and Consumption pop tabs
  • Added "show more" button to the Population panel to display all categories, inspired by the "Complete Pop List" mod by Ron Swanson

The full list of changes can be found on Steam.

Victoria 3 Patch 1.1 is now available on PC.

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