Valorant's Ranked Mode Is Getting A Rework

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Valorant has been working on improving the Ranked system since the game released. The player base isn't really happy with how the ranked mode works right now. Even though streamers and players have offered various solutions for these problems, Riot hasn't implemented any of the recommendations. Valorant launched just a few months ago and it is understandable that it could take a while to balance matchmaking and ranked modes. Although no changes have been made yet, Riot has taken this matter seriously and the company is now reevaluating the mechanics of ranked mode.

The announcement was made by Valorant's game director, Joseph Ziegler. Ziegler took to Twitter to reveal Riot's plans for improving the ranked mode by saying that the company is "currently analyzing the ranking system top to bottom." If Riot gets into fixing the ranked mode, we can expect some major overhauls in the system.

However, one should also consider that these changes aren't coming any time soon. "We're looking into changes that will improve many aspects of competitive, but have not committed to any solutions yet," Ziegler's tweet also went on to say. This basically means that the company is currently beginning to look into the ranked system before deciding to make any changes.

Naturally, many fans did not receive Zeigler's message with much excitement, but instead with frustration. Zeigler's message lacked the specifics of the changes and the company's sincerity toward the fans.

One of the major player-requested features is the visibility of rank stats for individual players. A fleshed-out system that offers important information such as individual player skill and a system that encourages a player to improve in a specific manner based on their skill level would be amazing.

As for now, Valorant players are only hoping for the upcoming changes to be worthwhile, fixing the core issues that the ranked mode has. As long as these changes are not implemented, the player base will continue to keep the pressure on.

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