Valorant Act 2 Introduces New Agent Killjoy And Brand New Battle Pass

Valorant Act 2 is just a few days away from launch and with it, Riot is adding a ton of content to the shooter. The company announced that Act 2 will start on August 4, and some of the upcoming content is already available. 

The biggest update of Act 2 is the new agent, Killjoy. Killjoy will be the first agent added to Valorant since the game's launch. Valorant did add new agent Reina at the game's launch, but most of us consider Reina as an original agent instead of a post-launch agent. Looking at what Killjoy can do, there's no doubt that she is going to be in the meta for quite a while. The German mastermind is bringing auto-turrets to the battlefield, which may please or enrage some players. 

Additionally, Act 2 will also introduce a brand new Battle Pass with plenty of new content to unlock. The Battle Pass will feature a variety of weapon skins, player cards, gun buddies, sprays, player titles, and Radianite Points, similar to the Battle Pass from Act 1. The new Battle Pass costs 1,000 Valorant Points and will be available on August 4 with the launch of Act 2. 

Speaking of Act 2, we also expect Riot to release the patch notes for all the balancing changes that are coming to Valorant. Additionally, Valorant will also be getting a new weapon skin line called Glitchpop. The skin line was introduced earlier today in a flashy trailer. 

Lastly, Valorant is also introducing a new free-for-all deathmatch mode on August 5. 

Although Riot hasn't said anything about how long Act 2 will last, we assume that it should last around two months, similar to the length of Act 1. 

What are you most interested in Valorant's Act 2? What are your thoughts on the upcoming agent Killjoy? Let us know in the comments below. 

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